S2 Ep4: The Beastmaster: Meet Falconer Craig Boren

The Beastmaster: Meet Falconer Craig BorenFalconry is the hunting of wild animals in their natural state and habitat by means of a trained bird of prey. Falconers are true beastmasters.

Those who can make animals hunt for them will never go hungry. Taming a wild raptor to hunt is indeed extremely cool and interesting, it has always seemed to me as one of the more amazing connections a human is able to make with nature.

It took us weeks to find someone who does this to come on the podcast, so we are very proud to introduce Craig Boren who is the President for Utah Falconers Association.

Our conversation delved into not only what it takes to become a falconer but also land conservation, bird conservation and how and why the inland port (to be built on Great Salt Lake wetlands) is such a stupid idea.