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Why Did A Solar Company Get $40 Million In Tax Breaks From Utah? Utah Stories Top 5 5/10/24

On today’s episode, we discuss a story from The Utah Investigative Journal Project that details Loomis, a solar company.


  1. Solar Company Accused of Fraud Received $40 Million in Tax Breaks 

According to The Utah Investigative Journalism Project, Lumio, a solar company, had reports of many customers who signed up for solar and got scammed. The Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (GOEO) board voted in September 2021 to award a $40 million tax incentive to Lumio in exchange for the company pledging to stay in Utah and bring 3,697 new high-paying jobs over the next 20 years, according to The Utah Investigative Journalism Project article. In the article it states, “Lumio refused multiple requests for an interview, initially criticizing the Utah Investigative Journalism Projects’ reporter as illegitimate after demanding they provide a formal license or credential.” 

  1. Las Vegas LDS Temple Ban Is Being Scrutinized, Although Plan Is Not Finalized 

A proposal for an LDS Temple in Las Vegas is causing upset from residents according to Las Vegas Review Journal. The proposal is for a 70,000-square-foot temple, which will include a 216-foot steeple, and residents say it will affect quality of life because of the crowds and lighting. Go to the Las Vegas Review Journal to read more. 

  1. Can Californians Afford to Live in California? 

A study on KQED determines who can afford to live in California instead of is this city affordable? For example, according to KQED, San Francisco is 67% affordable under the classic determinations of affordability, but according to this new study only 23% of Californians can afford it. Read the full article to read more about affordability in California. 

  1. 14 Projects Along The Wasatch Front Are Approved 

The Central Wasatch Commission approved funding for fourteen projects along the Wasatch Front. Some of the projects approved are support for Summit Community Gardens Environmental Education program, maintenance of aging fixed rock anchor hardware on climbing routes across the Central Wasatch, and  a free Saturday backcountry ski shuttle in Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons. Go to The Central Wasatch Commission’s website for more information. 

  1. Sugar House Rocks!

Sugar House Rocks! Event will be hosted from 6-9 pm on Monument Plaza on Thursday, May 17th! There will also be vendors and plenty of shopping, food, and drink at nearby shops, restaurants, and bars! The event is free to all ages. 

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