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Helping Ghosts Move On in Moab, Utah

Fiona Raison in Moab, Utah helps ghosts that don’t know they’re dead and can’t move on to the next phase of existence.


Fiona Raison burning sage in the labyrinth outside her home. She uses the labyrinth to help people work through dilemmas. Photo by Rachel Fixsen.

Moab-Based Fiona Raison Helps Ghosts to Move On.

Fiona Raison has been a healer for 30 years, helping both the living and the dead. She can help living people find the roots of physical and emotional pain, resolve internal dilemmas or get in touch with lost loved ones. She can help ghosts — “trapped souls” — get unstuck from the “in-between.”

Raison explained that ghosts don’t know they’re dead, and can’t move on to the next phase of existence. They’re invisible to those living in the third dimension. Ghosts can see and hear living people, but they can’t communicate, leaving them lonely, frustrated and confused. If this sounds like the plot of the movie The Sixth Sense, Raison said it is very much like that. 

Souls can get stuck, she said, when a person dies quickly and unexpectedly. 

“Murders, car crashes, accidents — that’s when souls just get trapped,” she said. “They don’t have time to transition gently.”

Raison, who is from England, began her service to the spiritual world decades ago when she was approached by a ghost in London. 

“Ghosts come to people who can help them,” she explained. 

She wasn’t sure what to do at the time, and sought advice from her masseuse, who she knew was a healer. Together they helped the ghost move on. 

Since then, she’s helped many ghosts. She remembered one instance when she was part of an event-planning team organizing a gathering in a 15th Century castle outside London. As she lit candles on a long, formal dining table, preparing for a party of 50 guests, the flames suddenly all went horizontal. She felt a heaviness — “a sense of wading through treacle,” she said — and realized there was a crowd of ghosts in the room. 

She told the event host that she needed some time to clear the building before the guests could enter. She had a “group conversation” with the spirits, asking if they knew they were dead. 

“None of them did,” she said. She gently helped them accept their state and connect to the divine energies that facilitate moving on. An army of angels, Raison said, was ready to receive them. 

Photo courtesy of Fiona Raison.

Once she discovered that could hone her intuition to perceive ghosts and that she had the ability and willingness to help them, she felt a sense of duty to keep doing it. There’s a creative side to it, she said, like an artist who feels a painting come through them from a higher place. 

Raison has also been a tour guide for many years, and it was that profession that first brought her to Moab 17 years ago. Early on, she said it felt like the whole town of ghosts approached her, with many souls having been stuck since the years when Euro-Americans first arrived in Moab — a time when the town was “pretty rough around the edges,” she said. 

She recalled various buildings she’s cleared in the Moab Valley, including a vacant funeral home that was being converted into a thrift store, and the new owner asked Raison to cleanse the building first, a job she said was “really mucky.” A now-vacant lot used to have the old elementary school where a teacher asked her to clear a classroom before opening for the school year. 

Recently, new owners of the historic Apache Motel asked her to clear the old building. One of the ghosts trapped there, she said, was a dog that guests could hear lapping water throughout the night, until she helped it to transition.  

Raison said that once people understand what ghosts are and what they’re going through, their fear of them subsides. 

“People are in fear of the unknown,” she explained. Ghosts aren’t trying to hurt anyone. “They just need to go. They don’t have the capacity to hurt you.” 

For both living clients and trapped souls, Raison said she can only facilitate the healing process. The person has to do the work — self-reflection, acceptance — on their own. 

“We have to go through that individual process of making a connection with the divine,” she said.

Raison can be reached at Fionaraison77@gmail.com or 435-260-0263.



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