Are You Ready for the Coming Collapse of Banking and Currency?

The world of finance is ending as we know it, and it’s happening more quickly than you might realize. What can you do to prepare for these changes?


Bitcoin is surging in value; as is gold, real estate, and all precious metals and stocks. More people than ever are getting out of storing their money in dollars and putting their wealth into other assets. Average consumers are now putting their extra cash into stocks, which is causing the markets to reach record surging levels in a recession. Still, major financial institutions say this is not inflation, and instead, they are calling this the “Buy Anything Market”. Consumers buying anything and everything is always the most telling sign of inflation on the horizon.

But average investors are refusing to be pawns in a chess game they cannot control. Instead, they are putting their money into the surging stock market. Reddit groups are learning how to game the system to stick it to hedge fund investors who maintain methods to rig the system. This story demonstrated, the masses will not be pawns when hedge funds lost billions due to the GameStop revolt.

Where will all of this end?


Treasury departments and the banking cartels are losing their power. The attempts by the Fed and the Treasure to “Save Main Street” businesses through lending programs has now been realized as a complete disaster by all those observing the outcomes. Thousands upon thousands of locally-owned businesses are closing and they will be the largest casualties of the Covid lock-down solutions. The money simply has not gotten into the hands of the business owners who need the money the most. But there is a silver lining.

As cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer lending become a reality, the banking industry’s cartel on lending will come to an end. Furthering this massive sea-change in finance is how fiat currency is going out of style as a standard store of value.

“Fiat currency” which is the currency with no real backing in precious metals or other assets, enables governments to maintain cartel control on the exchange of goods and services and inflate the currency, printing more when they need more money, as a hidden tax. With the massive amount of dollars being printed and moving into circulation to prop up the economic downturn due to Covid, consumers realize that fiat money is no longer a good store of value. This is hastening the increase of the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely accepted methods of exchange.

The world of finance is ending as we know it, and it’s happening more quickly than you might realize. What can you do to prepare for these changes? We offer a few suggestions in this episode of the Utah Stories Show.

This is one part of our “End of the World” series where we point out the coming decentralization of everything.

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