Hidden Utah Halloween Edition: Five Utah Headlines

We visit Utah’s most haunted shop, examine a few important Utha headlines, and talk about how haunted houses are surviving despite COVID-19.


This is our special Halloween Edition of the Hidden Utah Podcast.

We visit Utah’s most haunted shop. We have done a few stories on Utah Book and Magazine and Pete and his ghosts, today we are revising his shop where he shows the latest antics of his ghosts. And they will surprise you!

Located right in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City’s bustling bar district is a shop that has been here for 35 years, and a building that has been home to gangsters, mobsters, violence and death. According to Marshall this place is essentially a vortex for spirits from the other side who communicate directly with him and his sister Helen.

Lately, the ghosts have been taking on a new form of communication: they have been writing messages on coins and throwing the coins at Pete and customers. 

Pete Marshall Has No Issues with the 24 Ghosts Who Inhabit His Shop
Pete And His Ghosts

In addition, we will be examining a few important Utah headlines. These are a combination of headlines from our daily newspapers, blogs, magazine stories and other places we find things online. It’s what we are calling “Utah Tidbits”. What we do is span the Utah news universe to bring you the most interesting, compelling and culturally representative Utah stories.

Also, we will be talking about how haunted houses are surviving despite Covid-19. If you are new to Utah you might notice how completely obsessed people here are with Halloween. People here, I think it’s mostly Mormons, go completely nuts over Halloween. They love the gore, the costumes, the horror, the macabre– I think when you live in a culture, anything that is allowed they will do to a maximum level. But anyhow, we will check out what Utah’s most famous haunted houses are doing to stay open despite Covid.


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