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Creative Destruction – Smash Your Troubles Away in Rage Rooms

Smash Labs in St. George offers Rage Rooms where you can smash a piece of Deseret Industries tchotchke like a ceramic clown or that big screen TV that hasn’t worked since the Clinton administration back into nothingness.


Smash Labs
Photos courtesy of Smash Labs Rage Rooms

A person can marvel at the wonders of the world when they’re watching a sunset, but what does it take to find the same awe in a piece of Deseret Industries tchotchke like a ceramic clown or that big screen TV that hasn’t worked since the Clinton administration? That’s easy. The awe comes from smashing the hell out of these things. Of returning creation back into nothingness, or at least into lots of smashed up, little, itty-bitty pieces.

Let’s face it, everything is just ones and zeros; dust to dust, atomic particles, etc. Why not experience the blissful awe and catharsis of trying to return something closer to its molecular level, while at the same time, working out some pent-up quarantine angst?

Smash Labs in St. George has exactly what you need—Rage Rooms

Rage Rooms

The premise is simple. Get suited up in protective gear including a jumpsuit, gloves, eyewear and helmet, then step into a rage room and get to smashing. The basic package involves 20 minutes in a room with a 5-gallon bucket of glassware and small electronics. Rooms come equipped with all the finest smashing tools—bats, crowbars, you name it. The smashables can also be larger than just cups and plates, and may range in size up to printers, filing cabinets, even washers and dryers.

Smash Labs owner Branin Boyack says the idea for the business was simple—recapturing the adolescent joy of destruction.

“We live really close to the desert and we used to go out and smash and shoot stuff a lot,” Boyack says. “Instead of going out to the desert, we decided to bring it into town and let everyone do it. We’re about helping with stress and frustration and just having a good time.”

The business opened in November 2019, and Boyack says they’ve seen all sorts of patrons—from families, to couples on first dates, or husband and wives on a night out. 

Smash Labs also offers BYOB specials as in “Bring in Your Own Box” offers where you can hand-pick your own personally collected smashables from home. As long as the box can be carried by one person, fits through the door, and doesn’t have forbidden items such as lava lamps (the clean up isn’t worth it), then you can smash the hell out of those as well. 

Boyack says the BYOB customers bring in some unusual items, and not just people asking to smash framed pictures of their exes (although there are plenty of those, too).

“Strangest one we had was a girl who finished hair school and brought in the mannequin doll head she practiced on and smashed it to pieces,” Boyack says. 

If smashing isn’t enough, the business also has five lanes of axe throwing available, and offers special packages combining smashing with axe-throwing time.

Aftermath of a rage session

Like other businesses, Smash Labs has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are remaining open. To maintain the safety of their customers, they’ve closed the shop to walk-in traffic and operate on an appointment-only basis.

“Limiting to appointment-only is not what we want to be doing, but we also want to do our part to get this [pandemic] thing over with,” Boyack says. They also disinfect all axe handles for your safety and peace of mind.

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