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Joe Maughan Continues a Tradition of Hands-On Jewelry Making at 9th & 9th Jewelers

Joe the Jeweler is an expert at creating custom jewelry to fit any budget.


Joe Maughan greets his customers at 9th & 9th Jewelers. Photos by Steven Vargo.

For Joe Maughan, aka “Joe the Jeweler,” making custom jewelry is in his blood. Joe’s parents first opened the store, previously called The Vug, as a rock shop in 1989.

“Rock’s turn into gems and gems turn into jewelry; and here we are 30 years later. There just are not many hands-on jewelers anymore. Nor am I a suit and tie jeweler—I’m a flip-flop jeweler. I do business right at my work bench. People that come in understand they are not dealing with a salesman, they are dealing with a craftsman.”

Joe learned his craft from his dad and many years of experience. Over the years he has honed those skills, and now is an expert at creating custom jewelry to fit any budget.

“I love my business. I get to work with happy people. I get to make people happy. I have known some of my clients since I was a kid. People ask me all the time why they should come to me for their jewelry, and my answer is quality, warranty for life. I was born and raised local, and it I think it really comes down to that local, hands-on feel, and hanging out with me as opposed to spending their time with someone you will never see again.”

Joe’s specialty is custom engagement rings and wedding rings. One-of-a-kind or personalized. Customers get entered into Joe’s book, and there they stay. The personal experience you will receive at his shop is second to none.

“I love what I do, Joe says. I love being a local guy, I love my clients, and I enjoy meeting people from all over the country who stop in. At least one third of my business is creating wedding rings for same-sex couples. People are progressive now, and I embrace it.”

9th & 9th Jewelers is located at 872 E 900 S in Salt Lake City. 

Joe designs and creates his custom jewelry in his shop on 900 So.

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