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Poppies Bakery and Cafe

Visit Sugar House to try a new dessert at Poppies Bakery and Cafe.


Poppies owner, Jorden Hancock, with maple pumpkin pie. Photo by Mike Jones.

Poppies Bakery and Café is located in Sugar House on 1751 S. 1100 E. Jorden Hancock founded the bakery in 2015 where it began as a food truck. “My whole inspiration behind this bakery is due to my Grandma Dot. She was the most amazing person in the whole world, and most of my recipes and ideas come from her old recipes,” says Hancock. “I grew up baking with Dot and my father Bart, and it just became a part of me.”

Not satisfied with her bakery being regulated to a food truck, Hancock moved into the current brick and mortar location. There Hancock offers a unique and homey environment to her customers. Poppies Bakery and Café boasts desserts that exemplify a homemade taste.

“Too many times I have gone to a bakery and saw something that looks so beautiful but has no flavor or love,” says Hancock. “I am there every day and I try to have some form of a conversation with each customer. I love being in this industry because of how many different people you get to meet and I want to be as friendly and welcoming as I can, just like my grandma would do.”

Those venturing to Poppies Bakery and Café will find a delicious assortment of homemade-styled treats—from lemon pumpkin to cinnamon rolls to maple pumpkin pies. Hancock tries to source her ingredients locally. Hancock says, “We have jams from Tagges fruits out of Perry, Utah, Hollow Tree honey out of Sandy, and we get our coffee from Rimini Coffee in Salt Lake; and our bread for sandwiches from Stoneground Bakery in Salt Lake. I love to shop at farmers markets for our produce as well.”

Throughout the holiday season, Poppies Bakery and Café will be selling seasonal pies such as pumpkin, sweet potato, caramel pecan, apple, and chocolate cream. During December there will sugar cookie kits, Christmas themed desserts, as well as traditional Swedish desserts. Hancock says, “I just want to give people the same experience they would get if they were going to my grandma’s house.”


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