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Bethany Forest, found of Hippie Skin, is passionate about sharing her skin care expertise.


Bethany Forest uses locally sourced natural ingredients, such as honey, in her Hippy Skin product line. Photos by Bryan Butterfield.

Bethany Forest became the founder of Hippie Skin after failing to find a product that could treat her adult-onset acne. Forest spent a lot time perusing articles and studies about oil cleansing methods. “I’m really just passionate about sharing with others who deal with the same struggles—and we have since found out it’s great for all skin types, so that’s even better,” she says. “I started making my own after a lot of research, and when I started seeing results really quickly, I had the idea to market it.”

Forest’s research into making Hippie Skin products is extensive. She meticulously tests the products on herself before releasing them to the public. Hippie Skin doesn’t use any fillers like waxes or butters. Forest says, “The only preservatives in our products are what’s naturally occurring in the raw ingredients we use, and that’s reflected in the quality of our products.”  

Currently, the most popular items Hippie Skin offers are Hippie Honey and Hippie Luxe; both have their own unique benefits. Hippie Honey utilizes a gentle yet powerful cleansing quality, while Hippie Luxe has pH balancing, moisturizing, and conditioning. Later this summer, Hippie Skin will release a new makeup line.

Hippie Skin attracts a diverse clientele, from the more natural-minded, to teens and adults with acne problems. In addition, Hippie Skin is committed to producing products in an environmentally friendly way.

a“We source everything locally whenever possible to reduce our carbon impact, and we have a minimal waste policy.” For example, everything is packaged in glass, which, when compared to plastic containers, does not leach chemicals into the product over time.

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