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Broadway Bee – Fellow Shop

A new boutique on Broadway welcomes visitors to rediscover the pleasures of brick-and-mortar shopping


Montgomery 1
Hannah Montgomery of Fellow Shop. Photos by Becky Burton

While her playmates in kindergarten dreamed of being astronauts and ballerinas, Hannah Montgomery had a totally different idea. She wanted to be a cashier.  

“Even at five years old, I dreamt of having a bridal shop connected to a florist and a bakery for wedding cakes,” says the 25-year-old business owner. Though she abandoned the nuptials theme as she got older, the dream of owning a shop persisted. “As a teenager, I loved the monthly gallery stroll and imagined a space of my own on Broadway,” she recalls. Now, ten years later, her dream is a reality.

The Fellow Shop at 209 East Broadway is a curated assembly of homeware, gifts, contemporary clothing and “functional vintage” pieces.  Montgomery has designed a one-stop shop where a grandmother, mother and daughter might all find high quality products at reasonable prices.

Montgomery describes herself as a cat lady, but as a collector of stuff instead of cats. “I fall in love with certain pieces and have to take them home,” she says. She hopes others will fall for her finds and come to the shop when they crave a treasure hunt. “It’s a cool way to share my hoarding problem,” she laughs.

The mental image of hoarders couldn’t be further from the sun-drenched, soothing vibe of the shop. The space is so welcoming that friends working nearby often come in to relax. Montgomery hopes the atmosphere itself will help Fellow Shop succeed, though Utah Stories recently reported on businesses closing nearby. She believes an enjoyable brick-and-mortar experience is half the fun of shopping and draws customers to return.

She’s also made a strategic financial decision to split rent by sharing the space with Uintah Standard, an active lifestyle boutique. The two brands blend seamlessly because both owners share a passion for high-quality curating, especially from local makers. Between the two, they source goods from nearly a dozen Utah artists and craftsmen. Jewelry, pottery, paintings and even handmade soap don’t travel far before they find a place on Fellow Shop’s shelves.

Fellow Shop 1
Interior of Fellow Shop

Customers are delighted with these unique finds and the modern, minimalistic vibe of the space. On a gloomy day in February, a passerby spends an hour in the store and leaves with a bag of carefully-selected items. “Thanks for my new treasures,” she says while checking out. Montgomery smiles and thanks her for coming in. More pieces from the collection have found a happy home.

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