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What’s New – Breweries and a Distillery

The Wasatch Front is now home to three new breweries and a distillery.



Bonneville Brewery opened in October of 2012 in Tooele, with Dave Watson as head brewmaster. The brews are served at Bonneville Brewery restaurant and at All Star Bowling and Entertainment venues all owned by Brad Shepherd. The brewery has expanded distribution to local restaurants including, The Bayou, Beerhive, MacCools and Avenues Proper.

Their best seller according to Dave, is the  Silver Island Hefeweizen. He says it is named after the Silver Island Mountain Range and he brews it more than any of the other brews. Paying homage to the nearby Bonneville Salt Flats many of the beers are named with a racing theme such as another top seller, Redline Irish Red.

Dave says, “With all the craft brewers out there I try to focus on maintaining good quality beers. I try not to get too fancy, no stunt beers or something crazy that no one has ever done. All of our beers are very drinkable, very enjoyable, clean and well-made.”

Bonneville Brewery is located at 1641 N. Main Street in Tooele.


Jeremy Ray of Park City Brewery says that he and his partners chose Park City to open their brewery for the outdoor environment it offered. He along with his two brothers and two other partners opened Park City Brewery almost a year ago. Jeremy is also the brewmaster.

Their goal was to make a “good, flavorful,drinkable brew.” Jeremy says “you can get a drinkable, smooth domestic beer and craft beers are flavorable. We are trying to find a happy medium with a beer that is both drinkable and flavorable. Something you can enjoy after working your tail off climbing a mountain or breaking trail. You want something easy to drink.” The names of their brews reflect their love of the outdoors; Breaking Trail Pale Ale, Last Pitch IPA, Hooker Blonde Ale and Boogie Water Brown Ale.

In 2015 they produced 9,000 barrels and distribute throughout Park City at locations such as No Name Saloon, Flanagan’s, Fletcher’s, Maxwells and Cisero’s – all down Main Street. They also distribute cans in Park City, Salt Lake, Northern Utah and are venturing into Southern Utah.

Jeremy says, “As a brewer I’m looking to make a more drinkable beer and in the future we’re planning more full-strength drinks.”

Park City Brewery has a tap room at 2720 Rasmussen Rd. Suite A1 in Park City.



2 Row Brewing opened in Midvale in June of last year. Brian Coleman is the owner along with his wife, DeDe Coleman. He is also the brewer. He dislikes the term brewmaster because as he says, “I haven’t mastered it. I don’t think anyone really has.”

Brian started out “like a lot of brewers,” doing small batch brewing at home. He says he tends to take his hobbies to extremes and home brewing was no different. He set out learning as much as he could from books and the internet and by taking classes at Oregon State.

As a home brewer he passed out a lot of free samples to the point where people kept asking him where they could buy it. At the same time he was in the market to start a new business venture and decided on putting his skills to work at a brewery.

Brian says, “I really like IPAs, my favorite to drink and to brew. We do a Belgian style ale that is very popular called Dangereux, an “American Farmhouse Ale.” The name is French for dangerous because Brian says, “I brewed it at home and it ended up stronger than I expected. It was so easy to drink that my friends told me it was dangerous. Plus it looks cool on the label.”

Small batch brewing sets 2 Row apart and allows Brian to changes things up more frequently. “I take great care during fermentation and with the quality of ingredients. I use pure reverse osmosis water and spent extra time making sure our yeast is healthy and happy.”

Besides distributing at the brewery 2 Row can be found at bars and restaurants in Ogden, downtown Salt Lake, and along the Wasatch Front to Midvale, as well as by special order from DABC.

2 Row Brewing is located at 6856 S 300 W. in Midvale, Utah.



“But why is the rum gone?” Technically speaking, rum is classified as a spirit, which is essentially distilled alcohol processed through fermentation. To be a rum, it also needs to be processed with sugar cane or a product of cane, such as molasses, cane juice, or granulated sugar.

Local Utahns Jon Greggerson, Creed Law, and Jensen Dobbs decided to create their own brand of rum, calling it Brigham Rum, an 80-proof clear beverage. The owners are proud of their Utah heritage. Even the barcode is in the shape of Utah.

The company name, Distillery 36, relates to Utah’s history, with Utah being the 36th state to end prohibition. The distillery specializes in craft rum, with everything made in-house. The small batch rum is made from a recipe of local spring water and non-GMO, unbleached sugar.

The rummery officially opened in December 2015 and has recently been approved by the DABC to begin appearing in State Liquor Stores. They also distribute to local bar owners and restaurants.

Distillery 36 is located at 2374 Redwood Rd,  West Valley City, UT 84119






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