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Alcohol and the Utah Legislature

What happened to the alcohol related bill presented at the 2016 Utah Legislative Session?


DSC_1978It is legislative season in Utah, and this year our hard working lawmakers considered 696 bills. And because we live in Utah, the ubiquitous alcohol-related bills were on the docket.

HB 76, introduced by Rep. Kraig Powell, R-Heber City, is an attempt to do away with “Zion curtains.” If the bill passes, it would repeal the law the requires some restaurants to mix or pour alcoholic beverages out of public view. This bill has been introduced in the past, and hasn’t passed.

This bill was filed on 3/10/2016, but never called called for a “First Reading.” So, this bill was not voted on or enacted.

HB 13, Alcoholic Beverage Event Permit Amendments is sponsored by Rep. Curtis Oda. This bill seeks to change the process and appeal event permits for venues such as Snowbird’s Oktoberfest.

Governor Gary Herbert signed this bill into law on 3/18/2016

SB 83, sponsored by Sen. Karen Mayne, is a bill to restructure the budget for the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. This bill would put more money back in their budget. As it now stands, the profits from Utah liquor stores are sent to the general state fund. A portion is given back to them for operating costs. Last year they didn’t have enough funds to maintain employees and salaries.

This bill was filed on 3/10/2016, and never called for a “First Reading”

HB 228, introduced by Gage Froerer, is a bill modifying alcohol licensing and terms. Under this proposition distilleries would be able to serve samples to guests of drinking age with certain limits. It would also mandate that distilleries serve a variety of food that is prepared and served on the premises. Some breweries see this as a place while the Utah Brewers Guild is against it.

Governor Gary Herbert signed this bill into law on 3/25/2016

Other bills include HB 120, amending DUI Enforcement Funding – signed into law 3/21/2016; SB 217, also modifies licensing terms – signed into law 3-18-16.  SB 84 provides for an alcoholic beverage control facilitator – filed with not “First Reading.


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