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Teresa Spas of Tissu Fine Fabrics. Photo by Mike Jones

Chambray, lace, boiled wool coating or quality trim. For those who love sewing but are still searching for the perfect material, look no further because Tissu stocks beautiful fabrics special ordered by Teresa Spas.

Five years ago, Teresa was at Salt Lake Community College, daydreaming about fabric and sewing. She opened her first fabric store, Tissu, on Pierpont Avenue. She recently moved to Sugar House in November. Her reasons for moving were simple; Pierpont changed ownership and parking was limited. Also, Teresa explains, “I have had ladies come to me and say that they much prefer the Sugar House location because they were afraid to come to the downtown location.

Teresa has loved sewing since she was a girl, and back then there were many specialty fabric stores. Most went under replaced by big box chains. In the past 20 years quality fabric she wanted was available only online. Shopping for fabric online makes it difficult to judge the body and weight that may be required for a specific project. So, Teresa decided long ago that she wanted to provide the Intermountain area with quality fabric and trim that customers could feel and weigh.

Teresa chose the name—”Tissu” which is French for fabric. “There was a draping class I took at Salt Lake Community College that was taught by the sweetest little French lady. While we were working, she would walk around and ask, ‘Where is your tissu?’”

Tissue offers many beautiful designer fabrics and time, and is currently featuring boiled wool coating. Many seamstresses and tailors commonly use this fabric to make seasonal jackets or winter skirts. Teresa and her team accept commissions for customers who lack the time and/or patience, to sew their pieces themselves. However, Tissu also offers classes from beginner to advanced levels for everyone who wants to learn to sew.

Tissu is located at 1779 S 1100 E. Open Mon, 10am-5pm, Tue-Sat, 9:30am-6pm.

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