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Outlaw Distillery

With a nod to Utah history Outlaw Distillery turns out a fine local product


Kirk and Denise Sedgwick of Outlaw Distillery drink to the outlaw in all of us. Photo by Mike Jones

Kirk Sedgwick of Outlaw Distillery is a diesel mechanic turned distiller. “I had been distilling as a hobby for many, many years so me and my wife, Denise decided to go down that path together, and here we are!”

While waiting for his permits, Kirk built his own distilling equipment and fine tuned his process. Trial and error, along with intense study led to the creation of the current Outlaw line:  Rum, Spiced Rum, White Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, and Outlaw Moonshine.

“All of our wheat, corn, and oats are purchased locally from a farm in Delta called Pahvant Growers,” Kirk says. “We also had a local design firm come up with the brand labeling. I really wanted a name that reflected Utah and wasn’t a Mormon pun, They’ve been done, and done again and in Utah. Those are fine, and people get the reference, but outside of Utah it doesn’t really carry over very well. We wanted something that reflected Utah’s history with The Outlaw Trail, and would work no matter where it went.”

Kirk says, “I love the process of distilling. I actually like making it more than I enjoy drinking it!” Kirk says. “Picking a favorite of mine would be difficult. Our spirits are great in any cocktail of course, but we recommend sipping on them neat at room temperature.”

Outlaw Distillery is located at  552 W 8360 S, Midvale, Utah

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