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Red Yeti – Dedicated to Honest Rock

Discover the sounds of local band, Red Yeti.


Photos courtesy of the band

Red Yeti began as the name of a red truck belonging to Coleman Edwards, keyboardist. A provident meeting brought him together musically with his second-cousin Kimball Barker, lead singer and guitarist. They began jamming with guitarist Isaac Lomeli and originally had a very folk rock feel. A few members came and went, leaving the band in need of a drummer and bassist.

Nic Blosil, a classically trained pianist, was drumming for his sister when Coleman and Kimball approached him about playing some “real rock”. They met up to jam at Nic’s house and afterward Kimball was playing some blues riffs. Nic asked, “Why don’t we play more like that?” That riff led to the song Hallelujah Rock and Roll, which three years later will be the first song on their upcoming second EP.

This began a vital shift in their music to bringing out the rock and leaving the folk behind. Completing the band on bass, Jared originally a guitarist, bought a bass and learned it at Kimball’s request. Now complete, they christened the band after the trusty Red Yeti truck that took them to shows.

Red Yeti’s self titled first EP has been well received and the band is excited for fans to hear the progression on the new album. “We’ve been constantly developing, you will recognize the evolution in our sound,” says Kimball.

Nic explains, “It’s what we’ve been working for, since Kimball wrote the riff in my basement three years ago. For where we are right now, it couldn’t be more honest.” A group of very dedicated individuals, Red Yeti is growing as a band and really coming into themselves. Coleman describes it as, “A culmination of three years of direction in our music and getting tighter as a band.”

This tightness comes from a variety of mentors and influences. “It’s like soup, the more ingredients you have, the more depth and originality you’ll have,” says Jared. “You hear the things you love from other musicians, it influences you and comes out in our own way,”

Coleman explains that it is usually accidental and a fun discovery later. “If we’re going to make music, let’s make music that we love and expresses how we truly feel,” tells Nic. Honesty with how the music feels and being true to themselves are important themes to Red Yeti. Jared explains, “We focus more on how a song feels, than how it sounds.”

Kimball sums it up, “We’ve really discovered who Red Yeti is.” Follow the red truck to the killer sounds of rock ‘n’ roll and you too will discover who Red Yeti really is.10576977_789920117725473_6589174381561129169_n


Catch Red Yeti at The Club at 50 West in Salt Lake October 30th


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