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Invite a Reptile to Your Next Party

Creepy, Crawly Creature Parties, no clowns needed


“Mom, can I have spiders and snakes at my birthday party?”

Given the popularity of three local entertainment businesses, this question gets asked–and answered–a lot. From cockroaches to corn snakes, tarantulas to tortoises, parents can provide their children the party of a lifetime by hiring these professional animal educators.

Photo by David Jensen

Creature Encounters

Up-close, hands-on, tactile fun is what you get with a Creature Encounters show. Children are encouraged to touch a cavalcade of creatures including Madagascan hissing cockroaches, African emperor scorpions, red-kneed tarantulas, and an array of snakes, lizards and tortoises. 

Cary Drage is the man behind these encounters, although it is very much a family enterprise. Cary has grown Creature Encounters from a weekend business into a full-time career by doing what he loves – teaching kids about animals and how to be a good “pet parent.”

You can take your child’s picture with a tarantula on her head. Or, follow Cary’s lead and put a live scorpion in your mouth! What better way to prove that these creatures aren’t as scary as everyone thinks? creatureencountersinc.com, or call 801-860-4155.

Kim’s Cold-Blooded Creatures

Kim Lange is the woman behind Kim’s Cold-Blooded Creatures. Based in Park City, Kim manages an impressive menagerie of critters including tarantulas, scorpions, cockroaches and reptiles. Specializing in birthday parties, youth groups and library shows, Kim and her cold-blooded entourage will come to any event almost anywhere in northern Utah.

Photo by David Jensen

Most children are fascinated by snakes, lizards, tortoises and insects and Kim presents them  in way that is fun and educational. Scared of snakes? You won’t be  after Kim introduces you to some of the friendliest snakes in the world! You’ll learn more about animals in an hour from Kim and her creatures than you ever thought possible. kimscoldbloodedcreatures.com, or call 435-649-9283

Scales & Tails

Enthusiasm is the hallmark of a Scales and Tails reptile show. Shane and Rindy Richins and their staff of reptile experts  are masters of showmanship, enthralling audiences of all ages with antics and jokes. While kids are having fun, they’re also learning about animals. Not just any animals, but the kind most people shy away from.

Scales and Tails is a staple at community events, where they are known for their incredible portable displays and beautiful exotic animals. Step right up and meet the resident gators – Darth Gator and Gatorade. You can even feed them.

Photo courtesy of Scales and Tails
Photo Courtesy of Scales and Tails

You can have a home party with snakes, tortoises and a really big lizard named Hydro, or you can visit their showroom. Not into reptiles? Birds are part of the repertoire too! scalesandtailsutah.com, or call 801-577-7182.


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