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LunoWear Wooden Watches

Boman Farrer and Ryan Krantz develop a line of wood and leather watches


Boman Farrer grew up observing his grandfather, Calvin Adams,  work on watches at C.W. Adams Jewelers, his shop in Taylorsville, . Following the family tradition, Farrer and his friend,  Ryan Krantz, developed a line of wood watches. They’ve dubbed their line, LunoWear. They gained initial support for their business on Indiegogoclose+black+hana, and through successful brand hype on Instagram (@lunowear has 10.8k followers). The line of wood and leather watches were inspired by Farrer’s watchmaker heritage and the partners’ desire to create a watch for use in everyday life, that won’t “hold us back.”

“I was looking into buying a wood watch, but there was nothing that really appealed to me. I thought it would be a cool idea to come up with something I would like better personally and make it available to people,” Farrer says.

He went to Krantz for his knowledge of the ins and outs of manufacturing and they combined their expertises. Krantz says, “It took months and months of tweaking the watches to get them how we wanted.”

As a wood and leather combo, these watches fill a unique niche in the timepiece world, made of flexible bamboo and dense ebony, with genuine leather straps (in numerous classic colors for the women’s line) that are also waterproof. The main aim is for the watch to be attractive and cool, but also practical for an active life, and Farrer says, “I believe that we have made a watch that’s a lot more aesthetically pleasing to people [than other wooden-leather watches],” and that the ultimate goal is to “run with the brand that we’ve established. We want it to be a lifestyle brand. We want to have a wide variety of projects and appeal to a wide variety of people.”

LunoWear watches are now available at www.lunowear.com

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