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Summer Fun in Utah by Alexandra, age 9 and Maya, age 6

Alexandra and Maya share their lists of summertime fun.


Colossus_the_Fire_DragonComing up with things to do in summertime Utah can be hard to do. Utah Stories has turned to two experts to help you out.

Alexandra – Age 9

It is fun to:

1.  Play tennis and soccer outside in the summer.

2.  Play football, swim, tumble and play kickball in the summer.

3.  Go to Lagoon and ride Wicked and Colossus over and over.

4.  Go camping with my family.

5.  Relax and listen to music.

6.  East Popsicles with my family.

7.  Hang out with my friends.

8.  Go boating

Maya – Age 6

It is fun to:

1.  Turn on pop music and dance in the morning.

2.  Find bugs in the garden.

3.  Drink smoothies.

4.  Go camping with my family.

5.  Go to Lagoon

6.  Play with friends.

7.  Eat Popsicles.

8.  Go Boating.


And there you have it. The next time you can’t think of anything to do check out Alexandra’s and Maya’s lists!





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