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Read how these Provo glass artists thrive with many local and international projects.


provo stained glass staff
The staff at Glass Images

How do you know when a piece of art is complete? The answer may come easier when a painting hangs on a wall, or when a sculpture sits on a table. But when a piece of glass constantly changes throughout the day according to the light, the process may be more involved. “Stained glass is the only art form that plays with the sun,” says glass artist Jerry Lynn. “With stained glass it changes throughout the day as the sun moves across the sky.”

Lynn and his brother, Justin, run Glass Images in Orem, a family established business started by their father in 1988. While Utah County isn’t considered a place for purchasing fine arts, Glass Images has shown incredible resilience and growth.  “We work internationally and have a big pool of interior decorators, architects and contractors that use us on a regular basis,” says Lynn.

The studio has always been family-oriented, with each of the four sons working for the company at some point. Their father, David Lynn, is now semi-retired. Since its beginning, the studio has also created a successful local niche for themselves. “We have been building the art glass in LDS Temples since the mid 90s, so proximity to Church Headquarters helps,” adds Lynn. “We completed five Temples in 2014 alone.”

Glass Images is currently restoring some of the stained glass for the Provo Tabernacle Restoration project, soon to be the second Provo Temple. The company’s repertoire isn’t limited solely to pieced and colored art, however. They specialize in a variety of glass work: cast glass, showers, mirrors, door glass, sculptural glass, railings, etc. Their work can be seen across the state, from Snowbird to the Utah County Courthouse, and can even be viewed as far as the Puerto Rico International Airport.

“We are a big stained glass studio, with tens of thousands of windows completed, but we are also able to help with huge commercial project, big slumped glass counter tops, with sinks built right into the glass, and anything else that can be dreamed up for use with glass.”

To view more of their work, visit www.glassimages.org or www.facebook.com/GlassImagesCreationsInc. They are located at 1804 South Columbia Lane in Orem.

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