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Best Food Blogs in Utah 2014

Read some foodie insights from some of the best food bloggers in Utah.


Illustration by Chris Bodily

Anybody with a stomach, a smartphone, and a Facebook account can become a food blogger. And, while the adjective “great!!!” (multiple exclamation points required) might convince friends to visit a new restaurant, or “sucks!!!” might steer them away, writing about fine food and leading-edge chefs is not easy. This is why we at Utah Stories have the utmost respect for the rising, cream-of-the-crop food bloggers. We recruited three of our favorites to collectively write this month’s feature story. These are a few of our favorite food bloggers worth following online.
1. Gastronomic SLC
Stuart Melling

Stuart Melling’s site offers deals, news, reviews and the best SLC restaurants. Clear, concise writing enhances an easy to navigate site. The reviews give just the right amount of information for an informed choice in dining.

2. Amanda Eats
Amanda Rock

Amanda Rock focuses on vegetarian cuisine along the Wasatch Front. Descriptive and inviting, the reviews are thorough without being overdone. Amanda reviews food, events and new local beverages.

3. Billy Yang

Short, pithy writing. His site has lots of amazing photography featuring nice, eye candy food shots.

4. Random Acts of  Kelliness
Kelli Nakagama

Kelli Nakagama’s slogan, “Eat Well. Travel Often. Enjoy Life,” is also an apt description of her website. Kelli covers food, travel and events. Her images and clear and crisp and showcase each item beautifully. Her food/restaurant reviews provide just the right amount of detail for informed dining choices.

5. Fat Kid Approved
various contributors

No photos here, which means even better writing is needed to capture the food. Fat kid does a great job at telling stories and describing the food that makes them so fat! Contributors are John R. Belliston, James Belliston and drasago.

6. Heart Beat Nosh
Chelsea Nelson

Besides reviews, Chelsea’s site offers a Restaurant Quick Link that lists local eateries with a price guide. A click on each link provides an in-depth review with photos.

7. SLC Food Radar
Hyrum Romrell

SLC Food Radar offers a wide variety of up-to-date reviews divided into several food categories including breakfast, Polynesian and pizza.

8. Food Adventures of a Comfort Cook

Mary Cokenour

This site not only reviews restaurants, it offers easy to follow recipes with illustrations. Mary focuses on reviews for the areas including Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

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