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Harassment by West Jordan Police

West Jordan District Court accepts questionable DUI citations. Officer Julian Adam issues a DUI citation and report with blank spaces and neglects to mention passenger in the vehicle at the site where he issued a DUI.



By Victoria Sethunya

On or about June 21st 2012, Officer Julian Adam of West Jordan Police Department issued a DUI citation that was incorrectly filled in. The errors include leaving blank spaces on the citation and report and excluding witnesses. A protest has been planned to protest this unethical.

On or about June 21, 2012, Chris “Heavy Weight” was issued a citation by Officer Julian Adam. According to emails that Chris exchanged with his family and friends, he had just taken medication for his torn back and took a nap in a car. According to the emails, Officer Julian Adam woke him up and conducted sobriety tests that Chris failed.
Here is what Chris says in his email dated June 23rd, 2012:

“…Out of nowhere I see a bright light on my window. “step out of the vehicle” the officer said.
‘Have you been drinking tonight?” he asked.
“ No!!!” I said.
For the 2nd time he says: “ Have you been drinking?”
“ I said no!!! I took 2 somas that were prescribed by the doc.
For the 3rd time. “Have you been drinking?”
“ NO!!!!!!”

According to the toxicology report, there were prescription medications listed that Chris was taking for his torn back. Chris, now facing criminal charges over this DUI, says he still does not know why the officer woke him up from sleep to accuse him of a DUI:

“ I asked the officer what I had done wrong or why I was being accused of being drunk. Once again I told him I have bad kidneys and drinking makes me sick. Well they took me to the police station. Finger prints were taken …”

Both the citation and the DUI reports on this incident indicate that Chris was not the only occupant in the vehicle and yet neither the citation nor the report indicates this fact. This and other anomalies in proper handling of legal documents such as leaving blank spaces on the police forms is the reason for protest against West Jordan Police Department’s Officer Julian Adam.

The issue on the discrepancies were presented to Chief Diamond and in his email dated 25th November, 2013, he said he would raise the concern at the next board meeting.

At the time of planning the protest, it seemed like Lisa Steed was the only creator of fictive DUI. That might have been wrong. There is West Valley Police Department. There is Cottonwood Heights. And now here comes West Jordan Police Department.

The protest will be held on December 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 16th, 17th and on the 19th on the day of the hearing. The protest will take place on the grass space on Redwood Road south of Rosa Parks drive (the east side of the West Jordan Justice Center 8040 S. Redwood Road). Participants must stay on the grass between the sidewalk and the concrete barrier wall halfway between the sidewalk and the building. The time of the protest is: 10:00am – 3:00pm

There has to be a better way to make revenue than dishing unethical DUIs!
manner in record keeping.

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