Utah’s Wild West

Read all about the best of the wild western traditions in Utah.


Read all about the best of the wild western traditions in Utah.


It’s Utah Stories second annual Wild West issue. Read about Utah ghost towns hunters, a horse tamer, saddle maker, brand inspector.

Journey along  Highway 12 and discover the Kiva Koffeehouse, the Desert Doctor and learn how according to several Europeans and many bikers, Highway 12 is now a better motorcycle touring experience than even famous Route 66.

In July we are launching our new investigations section of the magazine where we look at the issue of victim reparations. Are criminals actually paying for their crimes? And what do the victims of the Trolley Square shooting have to say about the laws and programs designed to help them? This new section is a very expensive one to produce, we thank 7/11 (at the mouth of Big Cottonwood) and the Canyon Inn for helping us with their support of investigating how government is working or failing to work in the best interests of local businesses and residents.

Also read about several new restaurant start-ups including Avenues Proper, Lumi Bistro, Shawarma King. Read about Unhinge’s expansion plans into Provo in our Marketplace section. Read about Randi Lile’s obsession with scary fish in our Arts Section and The Mittleider Method for growing tomatoes in our garden section.

A jam packed awesome issue! Buy it now or find it free around Salt Lake for the month of July. Pick it up for free in the month of July or click below to buy it now for $4.00, including shipping and handling. Your purchase goes to supporting more of our local coverage of the artists, entrepreneurs, designers and business owners  voices and opinions, so often neglected by the government leaders and main-stream media.

Thanks for making Utah Stories, Utah’s fastest growing free magazine for the past four years. Our goal as always is to represent the voice of local Utah. If you have story ideas, leads, tips or businesses who would make perfect advertisers, please pass them along.

-Richard Markosian


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