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Beer School for Utah Politicians

Though Utah breweries are expected to grow, Utah lawmakers propose taxes that seem to hurt the industry.


BEER-BABE utahIt is likely that the craft brewery market share will top 10 percent in the next five years. Utah breweries are poised to grow significantly. Uinta Brewing Company will be hiring many people in the next three years as they double their capacity. Epic Brewing will be doubling. Wasatch and Squatters are also growing huge in the next few years. Most great Utah breweries are finding that they can’t keep up with demand when they enter new markets. This represents a rare business opportunity and great chance for Utah to shed its negative image of liquor issues. Yet amazingly, the state legislature is proposing additional taxes on local craft beer sales. While Utah’s Governor Herbert and locally elected leaders are handing out millions to companies such as 1-800-Contacts, Scheels and Capital Access Networks to locate in Utah, they are doing their best to hurt the burgeoning craft beer industry. A common statement by political leaders is, “We don’t want to pick winners and losers.” It’s clear that Utah legislators would prefer to have call center jobs and sporting goods big box stores than local industry which supports local farmers, local suppliers — and provides excellent local jobs.

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