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Check out this old schooler who keeps the spirit of heavy metal alive.


Heavy Metal Music in Salt Lake City

Heavy Metal Music in Salt Lake CityThink the Metal scene is dead? Check out this old schooler who keeps the spirit of heavy metal alive.

Heavy metal music is a lot like Chinese food. There are days when nothing else quite hits the spot. When local metal-heads feel the need for a full-course serving of thrash, the place they gravitate to is the Heavy Metal Shop at 63 Exchange Place in Salt Lake City. Owner Kevin Kirk has been in business since 1987. Iron Maiden and AC/DC were upstarts back then, and some old school fans are now grandparents. But the heavy metal sound still attracts listeners and Kirk aims to please them with a full line-up of music and clothing.

Heavy Metal in UtahKirk also actively supports the local music scene. He often has midnight sales and parties to release new offerings from local bands and occasionally slips in a nationally known artist. Some local musicians come by the shop to play before going to other venues later in the evening so that kids who cannot get into bars have an opportunity to hear the music. Some of the artists he has hosted are Justin Earl, Wayne Hancock, and Michael Dameron. There are upcoming concerts by Scott H. Biram at the Heavy Metal Shop (after 6 pm closing) on November 10 and Mastodon on November 8 at The Depot.

While some of these artists are not heavy metal, they share equal billing in Kirk’s eyes as musicians needing exposure. This is a marvelous store to get hit music from the past and present. While you are there, you may also get a chance to talk to Kevin Kirk, a remarkable man with a tremendously big heart.

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