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The Utah Undie Run

Thousands of Utah activists participated in a unique movement protesting Utah’s strict adherence to legislating morality. Nearly 3,000 residents participated in the Undie Run.


The Utah Undie Run in Salt Lake City

The Utah Undie Run in Salt Lake City
Thousands of immodest activists run in protest of Utah’s strict adherence to legislating morality

All women were required to wear t-shirts–they disobeyed. The race start was delayed because of this civil disobedience. If the Utah Senate had its druthers, everyone would have been arrested and put into jail for indecent exposure. But that was the whole point.

Utah’s lawmakers are passing laws left and right that make Utah appear to be the most dull, boring and frankly idiotic place on earth. An estimated 3,000 folks in their underwear proved that Utah and Utahns are not what our laws might make us seem to be.

A few laws that are on our books– a law against fornication and new alcohol laws prohibiting happy hour in bars and drinks from being made where a minor might be able to see the alcohol actually being poured into a glass. “Alcohography” is a Utah invention. The sight of alcoholic beverages may profane the eyes of onlookers, tempt¬ing them to binge drink, force their girlfriends to binge drink and then, of course, have drunken heathens perform unseemly acts.

The undie run was a very necessary protest against all of this complete nonsense. Congratulations to the 3,000.participants The jury is still out on whether the undie run will qualify as a new Guinness world record.

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