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Tour De Brewtah

A jolly good time touring the city’s best breweries drinking Utah’s best beers on a beautiful day


A jolly good time touring the city’s best breweries drinking Utah’s best  beers on a beautiful day.

An unfortunate fact of life for a beer lover is that the best beers have the most calories. And if you are like me light beers don’t cut it. Which is why riding a bike and drinking beer are a perfect match.   Saturday May 7th was one of the few rain-free days in May and it made for simply one of the most enjoyable afternoons I’ve spent in Salt Lake City: enjoying the best of the valley, some of the best bars and brew-pubs and the best of the best beers in Utah,all while benefiting charity and not adding to my waistline.   The Tour De Brewtah is the brainchild of  Tim Stempel who is an avid biker and beer enthusiast. The way in which Tim pulled off such a great idea seems to be by having all proceeds benefit some excellent Utah charities.Tour_Da_Brewtah

SPLORE Utah gives money to disadvantaged youth connecting them with the outdoors. The Cottonwood Canyons Foundation benefits the preservation, education and awareness of the our amazing canyons. Utah Clean Energy promotes sustainable energy policy and usage. The tour’s attendance doubled over last year and all positions were sold out. Thousands of dollars went to worthy causes.

The teams dressed in costumes from Rastafarians; Beerhearts (like Bravehearts), Bikings — who dressed similar to Vikings; there were brothers Clark and Stevenson —who dressed as LDS Missionaries. The tour included Desert Edge, Uinta Brewing, Redrock Brewing, Squatters, with completion at the Beerhive Pub, which served Bohemian Beer.

I think Tim will need to double the size of the event again because next year I will certainly go again and no doubt everyone who was there this year will be back for more next year. In fact, if this were a weekly event throughout the summer I think Tim could raise enough money to cure cancer, solve our energy problems all while making a lot of people very happy on a Saturday afternoon. §

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