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Go Bowling, Save Wildlife!

Utah’s Hogle Zoo and Utah Chapter AAZK are hosting the 20th Annual Bowling for Rhinos Event on June 24th


Utah’s Hogle Zoo and Utah Chapter AAZK are hosting the 20th Annual Bowling for Rhinos Event on June 24th

Attend the 20th Annual Bowling for Rhinos Event!

Bowling for Rhinos is a bowl-a-thon hosted by the Utah Chapter AAZK and Utah’s Hogle Zoo. The American Association of Zoo Keepers is a national organization of animal care professionals, dedicated to raising money for conservation. Since it’s inception, this one fundraiser has raised nearly 4 million dollars for rhino conservation in Africa and Indonesia. Rhino poaching has increased significantly in the past year due to the economy and political climate, and National Bowling for Rhinos has set a lofty goal of raising $500,000 for this year. This means that local chapters have to rise to the challenge!
100% of the money raised at local BFR events is sent to Africa and Indonesia for wildlife conservation. In Kenya, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy uses these funds to help protect both Black and White Rhinos as well as other endangered wildlife in East Africa. Money is also given to Action for Cheetahs in Kenya, an organization started by Mary Wykstra, a former Hogle Zoo employee. In Indonesia, BFR funds support the International Rhino Foundation, which divides the funds between Ujung Kulon, Bukit Barisan Seletan and Way Kambas National Parks. Ujung Kulon is home to the last remaining Javan rhinos, a population that numbers less than 50 animals. Way Kambas and Bukit Barisan Seletan are both home to the Sumatran Rhino as well as other critically endangered species of wildlife. All three parks utilize donations for monitoring equipment, security and community outreach and education.

Utah Chapter AAZK has held a Bowling for Rhinos event every year since 1992. Utah zookeepers have raised over $130,000 for rhino conservation, and several keepers have visited Africa to see their hard work in action. BFR money doesn’t only help rhinos; many other animals share the same habitat as rhinos and are protected along with the rhinos. Examples include zebra in Africa and tigers and elephants in Sumatra. The money also helps local communities with projects such as school building, watershed projects, and providing employment to locals as boarder guards and anti-poaching units.

The 2011 Bowling for Rhinos event will take place on Friday, June 24th, from 5-9pm at Olympus Hills bowling alley. The cost for adults is $25, which includes 2 games of bowling, shoe rental, and all-you-can-eat Little Ceasars pizza. There will also be free drinks, and chips and salsa from Barbacoa, along with cookies from Paradise Bakery. All of these businesses have generously donated food for the event to help serve our bowlers and reward them for attending this fundraiser.

Just showing up to the event is a great way to support rhino conservation, but there is more that you can do! Attendees can ask their family and friends to “sponsor” them, and collect additional donations. Depending on how much money is collected, participants will be entered into our door prize drawings to win great prizes from local businesses. Some past prizes have included artwork, gift certificates, and even overnight stays at hotels!

So please join the Utah Chapter AAZK and Utah’s Hogle Zoo on June 24th to help raise money for wildlife conservation. Visit the Utah Chapter AAZK website for more information, or friend them on Facebook.

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