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The Sugar House Granite Block is showing new signs of life.


What should we make out of the new sign installed on the “Sugar Hole”? in Sugar House. Utah Stories spoke to Developer/ Property Owner Craig Mecham who says, “Writing or talking about our plans might be premature—neither financing nor entitlements have been secured,” Mecham added, “I believe it’s time to move forward.”

The new version of Mecham’s plans should receive fewer difficulties than his prior plans for two reasons, 1) there is no longer an issue of saving the historic buildings. 2) the new plans are 75 feet tall (three stories) instead of 125 feet tall (five stories). Many argued that so much retail/office and living space in such a small area would lead to Sugar House becoming too congested to handle the traffic. The new plans are to remove the business office space and only offer apartments and retail.

In addition Mecham’s new plans are to rent apartments instead of sell luxury condos. 200 total apartment units will be for rent, many including balconies and “incredible views of the mountains.” The new project will still offer additional underground parking and have 48,000 square feet of retail space.

“I believe that the Planning Commission is very excited with our plans and funding shouldn’t be a problem,” Mecham says.

Now close to three years vacant, in retrospect is Mecham sorry he razed the block, leaving the empty hole?

Developer/Owner Craig Mecham
Developer/Owner Craig Mecham

“I believe the final result will prove a great step forward for Sugar House. I don’t believe there is a place in the entire valley that is so ‘walkable’. The final plans will add to the walkability of Sugar House and it will prove to be a great asset to everyone in the community.”

Speaking to Mecham’s tenants, we found they are all excited to see the project move forward and all of them had nice things to say about Mecham as a landlord. Area property owners of The Bar in Sugar House and Fiddler’s Elbow are both glad to see progress and both believe that when completed the result will be an improvement over what was previously there.

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