Red Moose Coffee

The Sugar House Scene: Red Moose Coffee


The Sugar House Scene: Red Moose Coffee


red moose coffeeRob Karas and Teresa Nelson are the proprietors of Red Moose Coffee in Sugar House. “I’ve always loved the vibe of coffee shops in Montanta,” says Karas. “I wanted to bring this to Sugar House.” Serving fresh baked goods and food made from scratch out of pie tins brings Red Moose a great breakfast crowd every morning.

But Karas tells me I need to try their dinner special. I order their homemade tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich on a Thursday night. Dipping my grilled cheese in soup, while listening to Jordan Wadsworth and Topher Rasmussen on the guitar make for a enjoyable evening. I order their fresh homemade “Oreo” for desert–which is two giant chocolate cookies with a cream cheese sugar center–and it’s much better than any Oreo I’ve eaten.

homemade oreos at Red Moose Coffee
Home made "Oreo" cookies at Red Moose Coffee

Rob Karas is a former pro soccer player that always maintained the dream of opening his own shop when he was traveling throughout the United States and Europe, “I was always looking for the best ideas in every coffee shop I visited,” says Karas. With recycled barn wood on the interior, Red Moose has the look of something out of Montana. But it’s the fresh homemade food, prepared every morning at 4:30 by Teressa, that makes Red Moose much more than a typical coffee shop. “I’ve never worked so hard in my life,” says Teresa. This could be an understatement. Consecutive 16 hours days, with only a one hour break for running in the afternoon, is Teresa’s daily schedule. §

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