WiFi is Obsolete: 4G WiMax comes to Salt Lake City

One new technology is turning heads and changing the way people work, play, and do business.


Utah Stories is pleased to announce a new partnership with Bryson Computers.

To survive in the field of journalism in the 21st century, one must be constantly in tune with the tide of technology.  Basically, that means we’re kind of big in the geek department, and we love cool, electronic toys.  One new technology is turning heads and changing the way people we work, play, and do business.

What is WiMAX, and why should you care?

Most people know about WiFi and “hot spots.”  This is what allows you wip out your laptop check your email at the airport or Starbucks and pretend to do real work.  The only problem, of course, is that if you happen to be somewhere that doesn’t have a designated “hot spot,” you are out of luck.

All that has changed.

clear wimax
WiMAX allows your router to become a hot spot for the internet that can be used anywhere there is cell coverage

With major recent advancements in technology, bandwidth hungry smartphone users have helped spur the development of a new method that lets people hook into the internet through cell phone towers.  The first few generations were slow, but at least you could connect to the internet anywhere that had cell coverage.

But even that is old news.  In Salt Lake City, the Clear network now allows users to tap into broadband-class 4G wireless.  Up to 3 times faster than previous technologies, it allows people to stream music and videos on the go.  Best of all, it’s not only for smartphones.  The Clear network is designed for you homer computer and laptop.  Prices are similar to normal high speed internet one can get through cable, but Clear is totally wireless and portable.  In short, there is no longer any need for “hot spots” to get reliable, broadband internet.

Utah Stories recently invited Terry Bryson of the local computer store Bryson computers to demonstrate the new technology.  As gadgets go, our experience with Clear has been positive thus far.  The Clear router in our office right now scores big as an extremely useful and cost effective technology.  Considering it costs about the same right now–or less–than a similar speed connection from a typical cable land line, Clear seems like a no-brainer to check out.

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