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Average Joe Need Some Better Shoes


Average Joe Needs Some Better Shoes

by Adam Vicinus

Running hard for long distances is in vogue. Running short distances is not cool and walking, skipping and hiking are all passe. But running marathons at the expense of feet, joints and serious long-term arthritis and pain is very cool right now. “Marathons used to be run by lean and mean athletes” said Guy Perry, owner of The Salt Lake Running Company, “but now its being run by the average Joe on the average streets” Which is exactly why Salt Lake Running Company is thriving. The only way to slow the process of suffering from myriad ailments: bunions, achy feet, crooked spine and leg disfigurement is to run with proper footware. And because so many “runners” have such odd gaits and subsequent pain– Salt Lake Running it there to help.

salt lake running
Owner and stride expert, Guy Perry

Their experts can offer basic running form correction and also the footware to correct even the biggest spazzes. And it isn’t just the average Joe running to lose the extra 30lbs they earned as a reward from the buffet lines. “People are also running for a reason” added Guy, “they may have a loved one who has been battling cancer and they made a promise to them, or they made a deal with their kids or buddies to lose weight. Either way our job here is to make sure they learn how to train and choose the right gear so they can be healthy”. And whether its to lose weight or to compete in a marathon, The Salt Lake Running Company has programs and seminars to help the first time runner to the seasoned veteran. So whether you run like a duck or look like Adonis when you stride, it’s worth a trip to by far the best running store in Utah. §

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