Kim Long Supermarket

The shelves are loaded with authentic noddles, Kim Chi, homemade banana cakes, an assortment of candies like Pocky, a thin cookie sticks dipped in chocolate



by Kaycee Elaine

From the outside Kim Long Supermarket, an Asian grocery store located at 3300 S and Redwood Rd. strip mall, looks like any other store. But as soon as I walked in the smell of fresh produce, sandalwood incense, and bright red and gold Buddhas made my imagination flow.

Kim Long Supermarket
Jason Ngo and Michelle Keaton- owners of the Kim Long Supermarket

The store is a foodies paradise. The coolers are filled with fresh seafood like squid, shrimp and whole red snapper. The shelves are loaded with authentic noddles, Kim Chi, homemade banana cakes, an assortment of candies like pocky, a thin cookie sticks dipped in chocolate. For those who aren’t exactly sure of what to make, Michelle has a recipe and is more than willing to help you find anything that you need for that dish such as Pho (a filling dish made of noddles, bean sprouts and tasty meaty bits). Looking for good barbecue? According to the frequent customers, Kim Long Supermarket has the best barbecued duck and pork in Utah.

The store is owned by Michelle Keaton and her husband Jason Ngo and has been established in the area for 21 years. While talking to Michelle you can tell that she really cares for her customers, ”you sacrifice your money and time, then you deserve to leave here with a happy face,” said Michelle.

Michelle is originally from Vietnam and lived there until she was 18. Then she came to America to find her father: originally from Salt Lake City, he had also been looking for her. Michelle’s father met her mother during the Vietnam War. Michelle also met from her husband, Jason Ngo, here in Salt Lake, and it was love at first sight. They have 14 year old son, who wishes to become a doctor one day.

The people that come into the store are from all backgrounds such as Laotian, Cambodian, Filipino, Chinese, Caucasian and African American.With her diverse background Michelle enjoys very culture and tries to cater to their needs “ I like learn from every culture and whatever is best I adopt” said Michelle. §

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