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Its clear from the following article that the sentiment of the downtown planners was that if they didn't do anything, the suburban malls would further decimate downtown retail. They would have no idea what damage their future "improvements" would cause to every retailer on Main Street.

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Moved to the Suburbs "You've got to keep up with the suburban shopping centers and malls or they will kill you." according to one downtown planner

courtesy of the Utah State Archives

After all the debate and work in determining the best course of action to further "beautify and improve" Salt Lake City. Planners determined the best solution would be to add to downtown what the suburban shoppers enjoyed so much. In order to provide a mall in downtown Salt Lake City needed to find a investor. Zion Securities (the prophet arm of the L.D.S church) stepped in and offered their help by purchasing the city block that the Z.C.M.I Mall would eventually be built on.

the black dotted area shows some of the buildings that were razed in order to accommodate the new mall. The caption below reads the new building will provide "improved window space on Main Street"

"improved?" you be the judge.

The historic ZCMI shopping center facade comes down to be replaced with reproduction of the original.

Z.C.M.I facade comes down, to go back up next year. The historic Z.C.M.I facade is removed and every old relic is razed in preparation for the new Z.C.M.I Center Mall