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SLC Tattoo Tour
February 20, 2009

Utahans are known for their scrapbooks, but there's a growing subculture that prefers images on skin, rather than paper.

by Jonny Glines

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Utahans are known for their scrapbooks, but there's a growing subculture that prefers images on skin, rather than paper. Tattoos are more popular now that ever before in Salt Lake City. During the 90s, only a handful of tattoo studios existed in Salt Lake City. Today, there are well over 20 and most of the growth has occurred in only the past five years. We decided to take a look at three local studios and ask artists why so many Utahans are suddenly getting "inked-up?"

Good Times Tattoo

good times tattoo

Open Since Staff Specialty

Good Times Tattoo has 8 tattoo artists on staff.

Good Times Tattoo specializes in creating original custom artwork.

Located next to the Gateway Mall at 511 West, 200 South, Good Times Tattoo is a studio that consists of young artists that specialize in custom artwork. The studio is co-owned by Colby Burleson and Clint Marvin, but artists insist the Good Times company structure is a model of artistic collaboration, and not a management-employee hierarchy. Tattoo artist Vic Black took first place for "Best Color" at the 2009 Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention. Alex Hinton won second place in the "Best Sleeve" category. Good Times artists have a strong passion for freehand artwork and they strive to "feed off of each other" for artistic inspiration. The studio is clean and the atmosphere is relaxed. Good Times Tattoo is approaching its tenth year in Salt Lake City and the studios' eight artists are already buzzing about how to celebrate the ten year anniversary. You can visit Good Times Tattoo by clicking here, or you can call them at (801) 485-4777.

Big Deluxe Tattoo

Big Deluxe Tattoo, Utah

Open Since Staff Specialty

Big Deluxe Tattoo has 14 tattoo artists, 3 body piercers and 2 cosmetologist specialists.

Big Deluxe Tattoo specializes in custom artwork and body piercings.

Two Big Deluxe Tattoo studios sit one block apart from each other on State Street in Salt Lake City and the studios are constantly filled with tattoo enthusiasts. Judging by the amount of business the studios receive; Big Deluxe Tattoo is definitely among the large tattoo studios in the city. Big Deluxe won best booth at the 2007 and 2008 Salt Lake City International Tattoo Convention. Artists specialize in custom artwork and portraits. They also perform body piercings. One customer liked the artwork of Big Deluxe Owner Mike Johnson so much that his next tattoo was a portrait of Mike's face on his leg! The portrait can be seen in Slug Magazine. The shop is clean and has comfortable couches in the waiting area. Aside from tattoos, customers can purchase unique clothing, jewelry and accessories. The studios are located on 662 South , State Street and 730 South, State Street. Click here to visit the Big Deluxe web site. You can reach them at (801) 355-1696.

ASI Tattoo

ASI Tattoo, Utah

Open Since Staff Specialty

ASI Tattoos has 7 artists on staff.

ASI Tattoo specializes in classic American tattoo artwork.

If you want to get a history of tattoo art in Utah, just visit ASI Tattoo at 1136 South, State Street. Owner Don Brouse has been tattooing for over 30 years and his shop was one of the first studios in the state. At one time Don owned five studios in Utah and he has watched Utah's tattoo artists grow right in front of him. Many of today's tattoo studios were opened by artists that once worked for Don. The studio is large, but some might call ASI Tattoo a "maw and paw shop," because both Don and his wife run the company. ASI art is best described as traditional American tattoo artwork. The classic designs of American eagles, skull and cross bones, dragons and tribal designs are common in ASI's many portfolios. The studio is clean and prices are very reasonable. You can call ASI Tattoo at (801) 355-1181.

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