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3 keys to success in gaining an online audience
Warning: The following contains many acronyms. We are aware that many web development companies use these acronyms to scare you into believing they are much smarter than you, so you will pay them exorbitant amounts of money. Don't be intimidated. We carefully explain each acronym so you to can learn web geek speak.
purpose: This article is written for anyone who needs to become better familiar with terms and technology that are essential in gaining an online audience in today's highly competitive web marketplace.

1) Web-based Video & Production

On-demand streaming video over your web site can provide a better view of your products and offerings than ever before. Google and other top search engines now consistently rank sites containing video higher than those that don't. Make your web site seen and heard by potential clients by offering products and or service videos on-demand from your web site. Even simple instructional videos offered free-of-charge can greatly impact the number of people coming to your web site.

Offering your products/services videos on YouTube is an another excellent way from promoting your business and web site. Markosian Media can help you produce your message using broadcast quality cameras, lighting and equipment. Markosian also has the tools to compress you video for the Internet and stream it on your site. We have produced podcasts for Omniquity T.V. from Los Angeles during the Sundance Film Festival as well as video for political candidates. We recently did a documentary segment for the Montell Williams television show. Compare us with larger production houses and you will find Markosian Media offers very affordable solutions and great production value and experience for the price.

2) Flash Programming & Animation

In order for small business web sites to attract and receive regular visitors in today's highly competitive on-line marketplace they must offer more than just content. Content is king, however content doesn't drive visitors without using the best methods of presentation. View a sample of a video presentation tool built in Flash we developed for UtahStories.com

Adobe Flash has changed the rules of what the web is used for. Flash and Java (not to be confused with JavaScript) have made (RIA) rich Internet applications, possible on the web. AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML)is another term used to describe the integration of tools that allow web sites to function very similar to desktop applications. Integrating the best technologies and using the best (SEO) search engine optimization techniques, for achieving a higher ranking with search engines such as Google, will set your web site apart. Low tech sites rarely see the business traffic like those using the latest technology.

The goal is not simply to add Flash animations into sites but instead use Adobe Flash and AJAX technologies for integrating content flow and presentation in a smooth user-friendly manner. Novice Flash sites are often distracting because of long loading times. It is very important to design sites using the right balance of html, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, AJAX and back-end data driven content. Markosian Media understands this balance and can offer excellent advice in finding the right fit for your content delivery and management system.

Markosian has as proven track record for producing video, animations and Flash integrated web sites for some of the best companies in the United States. view sample from a course produced for Sorenson Genomics Course.

3) Back-End Development

The "back-end" refers to database applications that users are typically completely unaware of. There are many content management systems (CMS) on the market today. Some excellent tools are out there for creating blogs such as WordPress or Blogger. There are also higher end complete web-site-management-tools such as PHP Nuke or Dotnet Nuke, Mamba, Druple, to name a few. To learn the CMS systems is very difficult, unless you are already very familiar with web technologies. However, if you wish to start a blog and you have some courage and patience you can probably set-up a Wordpress account yourself without a problem.

Usually web developers specialize in either back-end or front-end development. Markosian Media has been primarily a front-end development provider in the past working in tandum with aback-end data base developers. However, recently we have recently formed a partnership with a back-end developer and we now offer complete data-driven web sites. Recently we have built sites that offer database management with very user friendly front-end GUIs (graphical user interfaces). We have also made sites that offer users accounts, inventory management, and direct e-mail marketing tools. Our developers are very familiar with the best technology such as ASP.net, MYSQL, PHP and AJAX. Most recently we have developed a tool for automotive dealerships in maintaining their inventory. The system is called AUTOVIZ, it offers greater ease-of-use and more features than any comparably priced tool on the market today.




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