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Utahn Finds Rare Andy Warhol Garbage Bag
November 16th, 2009

Utah Publisher Richard Goldberger finds Andy Warhol " Factory" relic he believes could fetch "millions".
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Richard Goldberger is described by Ken Sanders as a pack rat. Over the years he a accumulated an enormous amount of books, artifacts and garage sale brik a brack. Lately he has been cleaning out his storage facilities full of junk and he came across an interesting find: a garbage bag with "Andy Warhol" silk screened across the side. Goldberger said that he was a friend of Warhol's and he asked him for the bag when he was visiting The factory. Today rare book collector Ken Sanders is interested in the bag to possibly purchase for his collection.

Ken Sanders owns a rare book store in Salt Lake City that offers an enormous collection of rare books, rare postcards, posters and pop-art. Sanders -- with his three foot long gray beard -- is a well recognized figure in Salt Lake City, know for his story telling and his acquaintances with Utah writing legends such as Edward Abbey and Wallace Stegner.

Utah Stories captured the exchange between Sanders and Goldberger on tape.

Richard Goldberger is the former editor and publisher of the Salt Flat News. The Salt Flat news was a quirky newspaper that reported on the hapenings on the Salt Flats--which is located in the west desert of Utah near Wendover. Although the paper was short lived, it was appreciated for its interesting stories (several about hermits and hippies) and great photos taken by Richard Menzies. The Salt Flat news existed from 1971 to 1976 when Goldberger sold the paper to the State Line Casino. Since then Goldberger has been a freelance reporter for FHN News.

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