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last updated December 14th, 2009

How Utah Stories magazine is the most affordable effective method to reach local Utah shoppers
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Our Unique Business Model

Utah Stories maintains no sales staff, instead we rely on readers to provide advertiser referrals that meet our criteria to be called one of the "best in local Utah".

Utah Stories only accepts advertisers that we can personally endorse. We vouch for all of our advertisers quality in their service and products.

By maintaining no sales staff, we pass the savings on to our advertisers. This way we maintain a magazine with one-third fewer ads per page than other free local magazines

By having fewer ads per page and emphasizing the quality of all of our advertisers, the advertising effectiveness is very high. Eighty-five percent of all advertisers who have signed on to Utah Stories have remained with us.

The bottom line: If your business meets our standards for quality and excellence, there is no better way to reach Utah residents who want to support the best of local Utah--than Utah Stories.

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Utah Stories Demographics and Circulation

Utah Stories magazine circulation: 16,000

Distribution: Over 500 locations in downtown Salt Lake City including all downtown hotels, all metro SLC Smiths, Albertsons and Whole Foods; as well as nearly every locally owned restaurant, coffee shop, bar. Utah Stories has now recently expanded distribution into Westminster College as well as Sandy and Bountiful. Do you have a great place we have missed? Send us a distribution referral and we will send you two free tickets to Brewvies Cinema Pub.

Utah Stories Reader Demographics: (Information gained from online reader surveys)

Average age: 22-40 years old

Average yearly income: $58,000 per year

Education: College

Our Niche:

Utah Stories targets a niche group of consumers who are concsious of businesses that offer quality products.

There is a growing number of consumers who want to buy their food and products from local providers, we want to find these providers and promote them. There are also many local service providers who do amazing work.

If you are one of these providers (for either goods or services), please fill out this form and we will find out if your business is a good fit for Utah Stories marketing and advertising.

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