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Plan-B Theatre's "Radio Hour" to end with Alice
November 2nd, 2009

After five years of successful performances, Plan-B Theatre Company's Radio Hour is coming to a close this fall.
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by Anand Rao

Plan B

Adapted from Alice in Wonderland, "Radio Hour: Alice" promises to be a veritable treat for the auditory senses. Speaking to Utah Stories, playwright Mathew Ivan Bennett said, "We have tried to present the popular and ubiquitous children's book differently." Without giving much away, Bennett mentioned that listeners can expect more music and a few surprises in the structure of the narrative. "The story is a dream anyway. We have made it a little more dream-like by adding more elements to the visualization of the underground journey," added Bennett.

Over the last five years, Plan-B in association with KUER has performed 'Adaptations,' 'Zero Hour,' 'Hitch hiker,' 'Utah Ghost stories' and 'Frankenstein' for the radio. The unique idea of performing plays for a live theatre and radio audience simultaneously has caught the imagination of audience in Utah, making it a very successful format.

The executive director of Plan-B, Jerry Rapier said, "We offer a unique experience that blends studio, stage and broadcast into one. Audience can close their eyes and listen to the play on radio or watch the performance in a studio."

Plan B

Radio Hour offers an interesting experience for the in-studio audience. "Only those in the studio will get to know that all the sounds and effects are created by just five people," said Rapier who also pointed out that it's a rare opportunity for people to witness a traditional 'Foley' in action. For the uninitiated; 'Foley' named after Jack Foley, one of the earliest and best-known Hollywood practitioners of the art, is the art of producing natural sounds and effects for film using different types of everyday objects. If you or your friends want be among the live audience, you better book in advance, there are only seventy five seats per show.

Radio Hour: Alice features Bill Allred, Tobin Atkinson, Emma Munson, Jay Perry and Teresa Sanderson with live sound effects by Daisy Blake and Cory Thorell; and original music written and performed by David Evanoff. Show dates: Oct 22 - 31. Tickets are $20 ($10 students). The 11am and 7pm performances on Friday, October 30 also broadcast live on KUER/XM Public Radio.

For details call 801-355-ARTS or visit their website.

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