Ad Designer/ Ad Creative Director

Utah Stories is now hiring for a graphic designer who has a proven ability in designing print and digital ads.

Must have

  • a strong visual, compositional awareness:
    • can show with portfolio–an ability to compose ads.
    • ability to choose fonts,  photographs, logos, content, and color scheme in a visually appealing manner obtaining a winning design that presents a product or service.
  • A strong understanding of typography and proven usage of typography in design is a plus.
  • A good sense of understanding of both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is also a plus.
  • An ability to draw compositions and thumbnails of concepts that we can discuss is also a plus. These ads are fun to create for the right person, they are for small businesses in and around Utah.
We hire almost entirely based on proven ability and talent; degrees, awards or certifications are not a must.
Pay between $40-$85 per hour depends on experience and demonstration of talent. We pay an agreed-upon amount per ad size, the time required and creative requirements.
To apply please send a resume, portfolio and references and statement why you would like the position to