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Utah Bid To Host Sundance Advances Utah Stories Top 5 5/22/24

On today’s top 5, we discuss the Utah News Dispatch article describing that Utah’s bid for Sundance to remain in Utah advanced.


  1. Why Utahns Like To Collect Things? 

Collecting, whether coins or stamps, is a popular hobby in Salt Lake City, offering both fun and a deep connection to history. Bruce Wayne Griggs, an active member of the Utah Numismatic Club, enjoys the historical and artistic aspects of coin collecting, including designing medals that commemorate local history. Similarly, stamp collecting provides a wide array of possibilities, from thematic to country-specific collections, as highlighted by collectors like Dave Blackhurst and Steve Baldridge. The social aspect of these hobbies is significant, fostering friendships and shared passions, with enthusiasts often starting young and continuing or resuming their collections later in life.

  1. The Emergence of Immigrant Entrepreneur Women in Salt Lake

The Women-Owned Small Business (W.O.S.B.) Collective at The Gateway Mall showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of immigrant women, who face unique challenges but demonstrate perseverance, creativity, and hard work. Andrea Zambrano, Dallan Chaparro, Angelica Arcalla, Paula Rojas, Denisse Cieza, and Kristel Alaya are among the diverse women behind this initiative, each bringing their cultural heritage and individual talents to their businesses. Their stories highlight the economic contributions and shifting dynamics in a traditionally male-dominated business environment. The collective emphasizes the importance of community support, encouraging immigrant women to pursue their dreams and achieve independence.

  1. Advocates Want SLC Sports District to Include Affordable Housing 

Advocates for unsheltered Utahns are urging Salt Lake City to mandate the inclusion of deeply affordable homes in the plans for a new sports and entertainment district downtown, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. In a letter to city officials, Glen Bailey of Crossroads Urban Center proposed that up to 20% of new housing be allocated for low-income residents if zoning changes for increased building density are approved. This call for affordable housing is aligned with the nonprofit’s mission and comes ahead of public hearings on the Smith Entertainment Group’s $3 billion investment proposal, which includes potential tax increases. 

  1. How Much Is UDOT Receiving For Utah County Projects? 

The Utah Department of Transportation is receiving 1.4 million in funding for Utah County projects, according to KSL. The projects included in the funding are Conversion of 2100 North to a freeway in Lehi: $554 million (including $275 in new funding), Pioneer Crossing Flex Lanes: $77 million, and Extension of Mountain View Corridor South to Cory Wride Hwy (SR-73): $553 million. 

  1. Utah Bid To Host Sundance Advances 

According to Utah News Dispatch, a story by Alixel Cabrera, Utah’s bid to host Sundance has advanced. Past 2027, Sundance Festival’s contract is set to expire. The Utah Film Commission announced its bid to host the Sundance Film Festival would proceed to the next step on its request for proposal process “for the 2027 film festival and beyond.”, according to the article. 

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