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Utah’s Worst 5 Winter Date Ideas

The dark days of winter can be an especially challenging time when it comes to dating. We are here to help so your first date doesn’t become your last!


Your First Date Could Be Your Last!

The dark days of winter can be an especially challenging time when it comes to dating. The endless cold and snow this winter is making it darn near difficult to even want to leave the house, let alone come up with an exciting and creative date night idea. That’s why we’ve done some of the work for you … well … at least in coming up with a few date ideas you may want to avoid this winter season.  

1. Plunging into a Mountain Stream

Despite being the latest rage, suggesting a soak in Mill Creek mid-winter may scare off a potential partner. Sure, diving into cold water together could be a wonderful bonding experience and there’s a good chance you’d need to snuggle closely after for warmth, but what if you wimp out and your date doesn’t things could get awkward. Instead, opt for a winter hike to Fifth Water Hot Springs, or perhaps attend a Wim Hof Method breathing class together, and then try a cold water immersion once you’re both ready. 

2. Sweating Profusely in Hot Yoga

Studies have shown that couples who sweat together stay together. Exercise brings about the same feelings as romantic attraction like a racing pulse, shortness of breath, and sweaty palms, and this phenomenon is so strong that people can easily mistake exercise-induced feelings for attraction. Although hot yoga may sound like a great idea on a cold evening, it’s probably taking this idea a bit too far. Instead, opt for a more mellow restorative class or a partners workshop that is sure to have the same effect but without as much sweat.        

3.  Indulging in Garlicky Goodness 

Suggesting a burger and beer afterward at a casual joint like Lucky 13 isn’t a terrible winter date idea, but going with their garlic and rosemary burger probably isn’t the best plan unless you’re hoping the date ends shortly after dinner. Some dating etiquette experts say that avoiding garlic on a first date is outdated advice, but they obviously haven’t had one of Lucky 13’s Breath Enhancers. If you absolutely must, go all in and get the garlic fries as well and share with your date so you both end up smelling equally pungent.   

4. Suggesting Something as Cliche as Hot Chocolate

Nothing says I put very little effort into planning this date more than suggesting going out for a cup of hot chocolate. But if you’re on a budget and can’t seem to see past it, pick up a few gourmet cocoa bombs, pack a thermos of hot milk, and head to a park or trail. Better yet, attend one of Caputo’s chocolate tasting classes, or, if you’re in Utah County, book a tasting experience at Taste Artisan Chocolate.    

5. Attempting Any Outdoor Activity in Big or Little Cottonwood Canyons

I once agreed to a blind ski date at Snowbird, which wasn’t too bad until they closed the road for some avalanche work mid-afternoon and didn’t open it again until late that evening. Considering all conversation was exhausted by noon, it made for a very long and uncomfortable day. Given the Cottonwood Canyons’ high traffic congestion and potential for road closures, you probably want to avoid those areas altogether and opt for something with a better escape plan, such as checking out the newish Three Creeks Confluences Park, or taking one of the shipwreck tours offered by Great Salt Lake State Park.

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