Spirits of Ogden: Ogden’s Distilleries Welcome You

The gritty and innovative spirit that built Ogden is still present. You can find it at Union Station, Historic 25th Street, and in its bars and original architecture. But nowhere is that spirit more idealized than in its distilleries: New World Distillery and Ogden’s Own Distillery.


Ogden didn’t start out like most other towns in Utah. In fact, it was once a little rough around the edges. Okay, maybe a lot rough. It’s rumored that Al Capone once said he wouldn’t dare walk the streets of Ogden, Utah for fear of his life. While Ogden is not that town anymore, the gritty and innovative spirit that built this town is still present. You can find it at Union Station, Historic 25th Street, and in its bars and original architecture. But nowhere is that spirit more idealized than in its distilleries. 

Ogden has always had a strong relationship with alcohol. In fact, the oldest operating bar this side of the Mississippi resides in Ogden Valley. The Shooting Star, 7350 E 200 S, Huntsville, has been open and serving the fix for Ogdenites for more than 142 years. That’s right, they served up the good stuff even through prohibition. Nothing can stop Ogden. That’s why we’ll start here, in Ogden Valley, with New World Distillery, 4695 E 2600 N, Eden. 

Chris and Ashley Cross owners of New World Distillery

New World Distillery is truly unique. Their Agave Spirits have been tasted and recognized all over the world. Run by husband and wife team Chris and Ashley Cross, you will feel the hometown and family connection in every sip. The owners offer a range of amazing spirits including their Oomaw Gin, Wasatch Blossom Cherry Liquor, Barrel Rested Gin, Ogden Valley Vodka, and more. If you’re lucky, you may snag a bottle of the Ogden Nine Rails Bourbon Whiskey, which is only released in a single batch once a year. 

New World Distillery’s Oomaw gin. Photos courtesy of Visit Ogden.

Tours and tastings are available by appointment. You can experience not only these amazing libations but also indulge in some of their signature cocktails such as the Wasatch Blossom Nine Rails Manhattan. And you can find many of these recipes on their website. 

At New World Distillery, you are only minutes away from three amazing ski resorts and Pineview Reservoir.

A trip down Ogden Canyon to West Ogden will get you to Ogden’s Own Distillery, 615 W Stockman Way, Ogden. Ogden’s Own is just that, owned by Ogden, and is a favorite among locals. Opened in 2009 with their first liquor, the Underground Herbal Spirit, they have expanded to many of the iconic and ironic liquors you see today. These include Porter’s Whiskey, Madam Pattirini Gin, and of course Five Husbands Vodka and Five Wives Vodka. 

While these names may not seem relevant to those unaware of Utah history, any native Utahn will chuckle at these names and labels. Porter’s Whiskey was named after Orin Porter Rockwell, a bodyguard of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, both of whom were founding members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Madam Pattirini Gin is named after a son of the LDS Church leader, Brigham Young. His name was Brigham Morris Young, but you may know him by his drag name, Madam Pattirini. And of course, Five Wives Vodka pokes fun at the men who had multiple wives during Utah’s polygamy period. And let’s hear it for the boys! Five Husbands Vodka is a wonderful LGBTQ+ show of support from Ogden’s Own Distillery. 

While it had a rough-and-tumble history, today’s Ogden is a destination town with a 21st Century vibe, welcoming countless visitors every year. Come and enjoy its downtown charm, bars, restaurants, museums, and of course, its excellent spirits.

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