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A Tour of Bars, Breweries, Speakeasies, and Pubs in Ogden

Ogden is overflowing with amazing bars, breweries speakeasies, and pubs. Ogden is the perfect spot to find an amazing drink.


Photos courtesy of Visit Ogden.

Ogden is overflowing with amazing bars, breweries speakeasies, and pubs

When it comes to fall, I am a fan of spirits, and no, I don’t mean the ghost tour kind. Which I highly recommend, by the way. I mean the amazing libations, cocktails and drinks you can find in Ogden. With Ogden’s rich history of speakeasies and hidden drinks, it is the perfect spot to find that amazing drink you need to post on Instagram. 


Speaking of speakeasies (say that 5 times fast), let’s start there. Located on Historic 25th Street next to Lucky Slice Pizza, is Unspoken, Ogden’s newest speakeasy. This amazing bar is located in the basement of the historic Helena Hotel (which is an option to stay in on your weekend in Ogden), and is usually only open on weekends. 

In true speakeasy fashion, there is no sign for Unspoken; you will know you found it by the ghost on the door. This stylish venue is perfect for a night of drinks and good conversation with friends. You can stick to your classic drink of choice, or you can try one of the many original cocktails created by the bar tenders. 

Pig & A Jelly Jar

If you are looking for something with a little more sunlight, stop by Pig & a Jelly Jar for an amazing beer-tini, and yes, you read that correctly. This drink is perfect for a Sunday brunch or an afternoon buzz. With the crispness of a martini and the freshness of a beer, it’s a must while downtown. Pig & a Jelly Jar is located on Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden, and is easily walkable from countless other eateries, bars, breweries, restaurants, art galleries and activities. 

Roosters & B Street

Once you have finished your chicken and waffles and your beer-tini, head just a few steps over to Roosters Brewing Company. Roosters is the O.G. of breweries here in Ogden. I could talk about their amazing food for days, but I am focusing on drinks here, so let’s stick to beer. 

From seasonal favorites to long timers like the O-Town Nut Brown (great name for a beer, right?), this is an amazing spot for our beer drinkers in the group. Now if you really want to find that hidden gem, head out to Roosters’ second location, Roosters B Street. With all the Roosters beer selection along with guest brews from other amazing breweries, you will be sure to find what you are looking for. Look out for the community chalkboard which allows you to buy a beer for a friend who may stop in, or your server. Seriously, buy a beer for your server they deserve it. 

Harp and Hound

Now let’s talk about personal favorites. Located on Washington Blvd. in downtown Ogden is the Harp and Hound an amazing gastro pub with a plant-based menu for the herbivores in the group. While this bar has an amazing vibe, great food and a patio that sits across from the Ogden Municipal building, the drinks make it worth the stop. My personal favorite? The Ogden Train Wreck. This melon-flavored mixed drink has a general recipe, with things like melon liqueur and vodka, but each bartender throws their own flare on it, making each one better than the last. I do need to offer a word of warning: should you decide to indulge in this amazing libation, be sure to have a driver. It packs a punch. 

With so many amazing bars, breweries, speakeasies, and pubs in Ogden, there is no way to hit them all in one day, so be sure to plan a weekend and follow Visit Ogden’s Brewery and Distillery Guide for some guidance. And, as always, please drink responsibly. 

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