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Utah Event Venues Will Be Opening Up

Due to an announcement given by Governor Spencer Cox, venues in Utah will open up to full capacity.. Movie theaters and nightclubs not included


Many entertainment venues will be able to reopen

Dreamscapes in Gateway will be opening to a more full capacity, due to an announcement given by Governor Spencer Cox. Venues can open up shoulder to shoulder. It appears that theaters such as Hale Center Theater will be moving to full capacity under the new health department guidelines.

But if people are eating and drinking they will need to still remain six feet apart. Movie theaters will continue to have limited openings. Dreamscapes, Clark Planetarium and concert Venues will still be open at a limited capacity.

What about nightclubs?

Clubs that serve alcohol will be forced to stick to social distancing regulations. Utah Stories spoke to a one night club owner who said that he was intentionally not complying with the law when he was open, he told Utah Stories, “I can either pull in $100K in a weekend or limit capacity and be lucky to pull in $10K in a weekend.”

Club Echo, currently has a lawsuit pending against the Utah Health Department. Their lawsuit was filed just days before the Governor mandated the closures to all bars and nightclubs. Echo has charges due to the inconsistent policies and irregular and impossible enforcement of these policies

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