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Can Utah Handle the Coming Population Boom?

We talk to Ari Bruening the president and CEO of Envision Utah on the Utah Stories Show and discuss what we can do to build the better Utah for tomorrow.


Utah is one of the fastest growing states in the nation.

In the last twenty years, our population doubled due to the beauty of the state and the quality of life.

Utah is surrounded by canyons. We have the best skiing on Earth, pristine mountain wilderness, and some of the most diverse landscapes. 

However, if this trend of doubling the population every twenty years continues, can we possibly preserve our quality of life?

Envision Utah, a Utah nonprofit organization is dedicated to answering this question. Their mission is to help build communities in a manner which will maintain both quality of life and create a more harmonious balance between suburban or urban living and the environment. 

We talk to its president and CEO, Ari Bruening on the Utah Stories Show and discuss what we can do to build the better Utah for tomorrow.





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