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iZonus: “Eyes on Us”

iZonus designs lights for first responders that would increase advanced awareness to oncoming traffic and can be seen at least one mile away.


“Have you ever seen lights on top of a cone for traffic control,” asked Jed Davis, Highway Patrol Officer and iZonus co-founder.

“They haven’t done that yet,” says Roger Koyle, iZonus co-founder, CEO, and entrepreneur, “Seriously I can’t believe they haven’t done that yet?”

They set out to design lights for first responders that would increase advanced awareness to oncoming traffic and in most conditions they can be seen at least one mile away. Together Davis and Koyle came up with LED safety lights that attach magnetically to a six inch or twelve inch set of traffic cones. One side of the lights come in red, amber or blue that you can set to flash or remain static. The other side is a white light that you can use to illuminate the scene. 

“The whole thing is safety, everything we’ve done,” says Davis, “It’s about going home as an officer or a citizen if you break down on the side of the road.”

As a Highway Patrol Officer, Davis witnessed secondary accidents where first responders are at the scene of an accident and due to flares, low visibility lights, unlit cones, reflective triangles or nothing at all leave them vulnerable to being in a second accident.

“I think what is so intriguing about this company is the fact that it is an obvious need,” says Brad Andrew, iZonus CRO.

They also offer a consumer set of lights for individuals to use when they have a flat tire or any other urgent need to be on the side of the road. “The consumer lights are the same product,” says Andrew, “just fewer lights.” 


“It’s been fun for us because we have an idea where the lights should be used,” says Andrew, “but people have been coming up with a lot of creative ideas: light up a landing pad for Life Flight helicopters, or use it to mark a trail for search and rescue.”

“Just don’t take them scuba diving,” says Koyle, “ the lights are water resistance, but not waterproof.”

Their goal is to get their lights out to as many agencies as possible across the country. So far they have their lights in over 15 states and as far away as Mississippi and Louisiana. “We also have sold lights to construction companies and utility companies.” says Koyle.

Their motto is: “Safety first, Officers respond to the first accident, our goal is to help prevent the second.” 

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