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5 Things You Should Know About Medical Cannabis in Utah

Utah Stories has been working hard to learn all of the pros and cons about medical cannabis in Utah and Proposition 2. Be sure to check out this video before how you decide to vote on Proposition 2.


Five facts you should know about Proposition Two, medical cannabis in Utah  and the coming green wave.

  1. Prop Two is opposed by the LDS Church but the parallel bill called the compromise will pass, and Speaker Greg Hugues says that Legal medicinal cannabis will be pass the legislature. He said he is certain of this because the Church supports it.
  1. So number one is the good news. The bad news is that the compromise bill is in my humble opinion garbage. Why? Because it’s probably the worst medicinal cannabis bill to be passed anywhere in the world. Why?
      1. Because it doesn’t support free market that would honnor the ideals of supply and demand.
      2. A total of five medical cannabis pharmacies will be allowed to supply all of Utah.
      3. A total of 10 growing licenses will be allowed to supply the needs of every medicinal cannabis patient in Utah. 
      4. Licenses will only go the the rich: those who prove they have at least $250K liquid in their business account.
      5. It reeks of the worst kind of crony capitalism: where we give our political leaders free reign to choose winners and losers.
  2. Patients will be able to get a get out of jail free card as soon as the bill passes. So around November 20th, patients should be able to get doctor recommendations and go to medical cannabis facilities in neighboring states to get recommendations  filled.
  3. Don’t count on getting medical cannabis in Utah till early 2020.
  4. Don’t begin to pretend like it will be ever easy to get medical cannabis in Utah. While Church leaders have made concessions, they already are demonstrating that they want to control cannabis like they control liquor. So if you are a patient, and you want the best possible treatment, I would recommend you move from Utah to Colorado, because while the church and the state legislature claim that they don’t want to see people suffer, at the same time, they have never been about seeing a free market thrive. They are a theocracy and they are about control and cronyism. So while the church has indeed given way and conceded a bit. Two legislators Brad Daw and Evan J. Vickers don’t really care about patients and they are getting their marching orders from the Church and they are the ones who everyone looks up to concerning legal cannabis.

With that should we celebrate a victory that Medical cannabis is coming to Utah?

No, because as always, our political leaders in Utah are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They claim they care about patients, yet they take a bill called a “compromise” while will certainly provide a path to legalization for patients, however there a so many layers of bureaucracy, so many layers of regulation, restriction and red tape, that you might as well get used to filling your needs in Nevada or Colorado. There is no chance that this bill will create a viable market in Utah. (This is thanks to Utah State Representatives Brad Daw and Utah State Senator Alan Vickers, who have imposed all of the incredibly bad ideas in this bill. 

So here is the really great news. Utahns will soon be able to get cannabis in Wendover, Nevada! It’s just a 90-minute drive from Salt Lake City! And this dispensary will be opening soon.

When that opens we can all really celebrate!
Watch he video below.

If you would like to know how I arrived at all of these conclusions watch my next video, which will be out shortly. To find out how we came to support Proposition 2 watch our previous video. (or previous story)

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