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Meet Utah Stories food writers.


Originally trained as an anthropologist, Ted Scheffler is a seasoned food, wind and travel writer based in Utah, where he has been a champion of that state’s food and drink scene for 25 years. He loves to cook, ski, travel, and spends an inordinate amount of time tending to his ever-growing herd of electric guitars and amplifiers. He considers being a “professional eater” the world’s best job.

Kelly Cahoon is the chef behind the food and lifestyle Instagram/blog SaltNCopper. It’s a perfect pairing of smoked meat and sharp knives with the goal of proving that BBQ can be pretty.

She’s a classically trained chef with a penchant for outdoor grilling, baking and recipe creation, getting both her culinary and public relations degrees from UVU.

Kelly is presently on the Traeger Grills Culinary Pro Team, where she creates recipes, teaches classes, and utilizes her husband and toddler sons as taste testers.

Cindy England, also known as UTfoodie, tastes and posts about her favorite foods throughout Utah, with a focus in Salt Lake and Utah Counties. She helped start two companies, one in NYC and one in Brazil, and received her MBA from the University of Utah. As a native to Utah, Cindy grew up in a small town in Southern Utah, lived on the East coast for nearly 10 years and now spends her time primarily raising her two children here in Utah.

Olivia and Will Gochnour started the Instagram account Utah Grubs in 2014 after realizing they constantly ate out at the same restaurants without branching out much. Knowing that Utah had an incredible food scene, Olivia thought if she created an account and posted different restaurants they liked, they’d have a place to turn to when they needed a bite to eat on the weekends. They never expected Utah Grubs to grow into what it has today with just under 45,000 followers. Olivia and Will greatly enjoy promoting local Utah restaurants and have loved getting to know the Utah foodie community.

Food writer, cocktail historian and recovering archaeologist Darby Doyle covers the gamut of Utah’s gastronomic and natural wonders for Devour magazine, cityhomeCOLLECTIVE.com, Utah Stories, Park CityMagazine, the Utah Office of Tourism (visitUtah.com), Dishing PC, Vamoose outdoors mag and City Weekly.

Darby’s a Cheese Connoisseur magazine contributor and won a SPJ “Top of the Rockies” award for her coverage of Utah’s artisan chocolate scene. She’s a member of the United States Bartenders’ Guild and a cocktail competition judge. Follow her cocktail, culinary and outdoor
adventures on Instagram @darby.doyle and Twitter @aBourbonGal

Chase, also known as SLCFoodie, is the self-proclaimed food enthusiast of Utah! Chase has been posting food pictures clear back to 2005 before it was popular, and quite honestly annoyed most people. SLCFoodie was created in 2012 as a fun way to share all the tasty eats around Utah! SLCFoodie only posts what they love and want to share—good food, as it should be. You can find more tasty spots on Facebook.

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