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A New Way to Protect School Children

Introducing UGO, a digitally interfaced emergency guide that was developed to address the fear and anxiety that our children face every day at school.



ADM Studios is honored to announce the birth of an advocate. Introducing UGO, a digitally interfaced emergency guide that was developed to address the fear and anxiety that our children face every day at school.

Fear has become a daily reality in our schools. Parents drop off their kids in the morning, helpless to do anything but trust that they will still have a child to pick up that afternoon. Administrators wake early each morning praying that today is not the day that their school makes it onto national news. Even our children aren’t immune. They see and understand more than we like to think they do, and maybe they walk a little slower through the front doors each day, nervous that they might not walk out. Schools do the best they can with the resources they have, but sparse drills, panic inducing fire alarms, and limited PA announcements are clearly no longer enough.

What if there was a system designed to minimize the worries of each parent, child and administrator throughout each school day?

We’d like to introduce UGO, the next step in school preparedness. UGO is a friendly guide that integrates into our School Skoop digital signage system. When disaster strikes, administrators can sound the alarm through wall or desk mounted panic buttons, from online portals, and even off their phones. Immediately, all computers, TV screens, and marquees that have been integrated with the School Skoop system play a preset alert with information about the nature of the emergency as well as what to do, where to go, and any other information you may wish to display.

UGO’s effectiveness goes beyond the spread of information, though. UGO is meant to be present in the school during every day activities, not just during emergencies. It’s his face kids see when there’s a change to the schedule, when they practice fire and earthquake drills, when they have to play in the gym at recess due to heavy snow. UGO can be present in the classroom, in the hallways, UGO can even go with them home and into their community! The more kids see and respond to UGO, the more accustomed they will be to looking to him for direction. This consistency triggers an automatic response in the face of a real emergency so that kids don’t have to think twice about turning to UGO for guidance and information. They know that UGO will lead them where they need to go.

It’s time for a system that guides with consistency and information rather than panic in times of chaos.

Find out more about UGO by visiting the website.

About ADM Studios:

We are ADM Studio’s, a digital signage company dedicated to making the world a more organized and connected place. Our journey began humbly enough, with a goal to bring helpful digital media to as many businesses as possible. But we’re also parents, aunts, uncles, and friends. We saw the problems and the fears our children were facing, and one day we realized we might be able to do something about it. We’ve used our expertise in the digital sign industry to create UGO, a modern solution to a modern problem. We’re dedicated to bringing safety and security to every school we encounter. After all, every parent, student, and administrator should have the sort of peace of mind that allows them to focus on learning, teaching, and growing. One day, we hope to provide every school with the kind of advanced security system they need to keep their kids safe and calm in any kind of emergency.


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