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Aliens at Dugway Proving Ground: Spaceships taking off from “the new Area 51”?

As home to 1,400 residents, you might call Dugway Proving Ground the ultimate gated community. There are an estimated 300 miles of roads around Dugway, but residents have clearance to only a fraction of the secret areas surrounding this mysterious place in Utah’s west desert.


As home to 1,400 residents, you might call Dugway Proving Ground the ultimate gated community. There are an estimated 300 miles of roads around Dugway, but residents have clearance to only a fraction of the secret areas surrounding this mysterious place in Utah’s west desert.

Conspiracy theorists claim that Dugway is the “New Area 51”, and that US Government secret programs are hiding extraterrestrial technology that could liberate us from our fossil fuel-based dependency for energy. A friend and I thought we would stop in and see what we could find out.

The inhospitable, wind-swept Pony Express road leading to Dugway lies in the middle of nowhere. We entered the gates by showing my Utah State Legislature press credentials, but we were told we still must check in with security to gain permission for a tour. While we were waiting to speak to Dugway’s PR director, we watched a group of men wearing bulletproof vests with side arms enter Dugway’s main gate in black Ford Excursions. They appeared to be Army Special Forces. One man told me he was there for anti-terrorist training. After a 30-minute wait, I was denied access because I had an unpaid ticket on my driving record. My colleague was denied because he wasn’t an American citizen. After being escorted out by police, I began to wonder what was really going on here.

The main mission of Dugway is to test biological and chemical weapons for the Army. Doing so requires using a chunk of Utah the size of Rhode Island. There are so many civilian contractors and military personnel stationed at Dugway, that it has its own elementary school, high school, and Subway and Popeyes restaurants. They are currently hiring for all sorts of positions. On the surface it doesn’t appear suspicious.

However, Dugway is divided into two parts. The Army operates the northern portion which houses most of the residents. The southeast portion is operated by the Air Force, with a runway large enough to land an aircraft the size of the space shuttle. This portion isn’t mentioned on Dugway’s website. It has been developed and expanded since 2004, with an increased security buildup. The additional infrastructure has led ufologists to conclude that this is a new site where the government is testing secret military and UFO technology.

While researching the claims of the conspiracy theorists, my natural skepticism remains intact. But for the purposes of understanding Dugway, I felt inclined to listen to what the ET believers and conspiracists have to say.

Dr. Steven M. Greer is a leading ufologist. He says he gave up a $400,000 per year career in medicine to make contact with extraterrestrials and expose what he found, which was a giant cover-up by the US government dating back to the late 1940s. Greer, along with his followers, believe that a UFO indeed crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Federal officers confiscated the remains of the ETs, who were still alive, as well as their flying saucer and medical scanning technology. According to Greer, the US secret “black box” program has been working in conjunction with Lockheed Martin to reverse-engineer the alien technology.

Greer says the U.S. secret program possesses technology to travel deep into outer space. These aircraft are so powerful and able to produce so much energy and thrust that they make our Space Shuttle Program appear like a Cub Scout project. It sounds like a nice story to sell books, but what evidence exists to support these wild claims?

The most convincing evidence Greer points at is that Lockheed Martin’s (one of the largest defense contractors in the world) former CEO, Dr. Ben Rich, admitted on his deathbed that for years he had been working with a secret military operation by developing anti-gravity technology and flying saucers powerful enough to “take ET home.”

According to Rich,“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects, and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”

Dr. Rich admitted that earlier in his career he agreed that the public should not know about these secret programs. Late in his life, he concluded that the “multinational, corporate board of directors who were over this secret program posed more of a potential threat to the US than ETs or the technology they were developing.”

As I opened this Pandora’s Box, what I initially believed to be completely absurd, suddenly sounded plausible. More key witnesses have come forward and backed Dr. Greer’s and Dr. Rich’s claims.
Don Phillips, another Lockheed Engineer, corroborates that they have developed flying saucer technology. Phillips adds, “These UFOs were huge and they would just come to a stop and do a 60-degree, 45-degree, 10-degree turn, and then immediately reverse this action.” Phillips also says that earlier scientists had indeed confiscated an aircraft that crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico, and reverse-engineered the technology.

Another account which adds credibility to the cover up these scientists’ claims is substantiated by one of the highest ranking military officials in the country. When Edgar Mitchell, former chief of intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, requested a briefing on the secret UFO programs that were in place, he was denied this briefing based on a “need-to-know basis.” Furious after this rejection, Mitchell went on the record for a CNN interview in 2008, stating that indeed he was told, “Sorry Admiral, but you don’t have the need to know. Goodbye.”

How is this all connected with Dugway Proving Ground? If the army was still developing this technology and testing it, they would need a massive amount of security to keep these operations private.

Dugway’s airfield is surrounded on three sides by mountains. Anyone caught attempting to climb these mountains with a vehicle and approach Dugway’s southern border will be stopped by ground patrol or Apache helicopters.

The History Channel recently produced a program called UFO Hunters, that made attempts to better understand what is happening at Dugway. The program interviewed some local Utahns.

Taken from an undisclosed location at a “UFO hotspot” somewhere in Utah’s West Desert. Image courtesy of Alien Dave. (aliendave.com)

A Utah man known as Alien Dave says he has seen a jet vanish into thin air. And he says he has watched a convoy of Humvees that were traveling along a road disappear into a massive subterranean fortress built into the side of a mountain. He also personally witnessed a laser beam directed high into outer space. This beam was so powerful that its electromagnetic discharge left the air smelling of ozone and his hair standing on end.

In addition to Dave’s claims, a former police officer on the Goshute Reservation has seen more than his share of oddities. While traveling a desolate road in the west desert, he watched a flying saucer in the night sky. After flashing a light beam onto the UFO, it reacted by speeding up and disappearing over a mountain range. It was out of sight in seconds—moving faster than any known plane could travel. A short time later, two fighter jets followed the flying saucer’s flight path.

This technology is allegedly in the hands of our government, which doesn’t want to release it because of the disruptive effects it would have on our current economy because it would ostensibly eliminate all need for fossil fuel-based energy and transportation.

According to Dr. Greer, “elimination” is the problem. Anti-gravity technology can harness the power of the fabric of space. There is enough power in each square millimeter of space to solve all of the world’s energy needs. We have this technology, but if it were disseminated to the public, corporate empires would topple. The internal combustion engine would become a museum piece, and fossil fuel use would become obsolete. “The powers that be don’t want to see this happen, which is why even the President of the United States doesn’t have authority to make any decisions on these programs and technology,” Greer tells me.

Greer has partnered on a documentary film called The Sirus Project, which outlines his case: that a shadow government exists in the United States, where trillions of dollars have been funneled over the years, which falls outside the influence of the DOD, or any branch of the US military. Sounds like a plot from the X-Files.

Greer’s case is compelling. Just prior to the 9/11 attack on the US, Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, said in a press conference that he had found a $2.3 trillion gap in funding, amounting to 25% of the military’s budget. These funds were never accounted for in the military’s defense budget.

According to Greer, untracked, unaccountable military funding like this has been going on for years. This became acceptable during WWII and the Cold War era, when secret funding was funneled to projects such as the Manhattan Project. But when the military chose to use their technology to end World War II, they chose to keep other elements secret and remain private—even out of the jurisdiction of the President.

President Carter attempted to gain clearance to understand this project and was told that his security clearance wasn’t high enough to be allowed a briefing on US extraterrestrial history and secret programs.

What, if anything, can we do if this is true? According to Greer, recent events are bringing things to a head. Greer believes that extraterrestrials are making contact with humans and have been doing so for years. But contrary to popular conception, all ETs so far have been friendly and peaceful. “They could completely wipe our entire planet; out game, set, match point in a heartbeat … but they choose to communicate with us peacefully.”

Greer continues, “If there is a battle, it will be initiated by the secret military industrial complex. We will be the aggressors.” Greer’s Disclosure Project has now surpassed $250 K from Kickstarter funding and aims to make the public aware of this massive coverup.

Should we accept all of this? I’m not ready to accept all of it. Greer charges $650 to have fellow ufologists come to his farm and communicate with ETs. And he stands to greatly benefit from book sales and the potential film. But the testimony from several former Lockheed Martin employees and scientists leads me to believe that large portions of this conspiracy are highly plausible.

I have watched interviews with retired military personnel who have experienced UFO incidents both through close encounters and radar anomalies, and they all speak to the high degree of coverup that is standard operating procedure after such incidents occur. Other countries have opened their UFO files completely, while the majority of US files have remained X-Files, with a high degree of restricted access.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the displays of incredible extraterrestrial light shows and spacecraft, including incidents in China, Russia, Norway and Arizona. Although these events have been covered by the mainstream media, few questions have been asked regarding the secret programs and huge funding gaps in military spending. It’s time that at least non-mainstream media and the public begin demanding answers.

There is currently no cold war (unless you count strained relations with Russia), and the war on terror has calmed down. The military needs to be held accountable for our tax dollars and prove to us that there isn’t an enemy from within, by releasing what they have been hiding for so many years. Greer might be a bit of an opportunist, but his mission to disclose this information is a mission we support.

For more information on the current state of Skunk Works, Lockheed Martin, and what is going on in with the Deep State secret programs, we recommend reading Sekret Machines by Tom DeLonge.


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